If you are considering the idea of getting treatment at a drug rehab center, keep reading. This guide will go over ten factors you’ll want to consider. It’s clear that no place for such treatment is created equal.

One facility will differ from the other. That is why we put together a guide like this to help you out. You may be dealing with a serious addiction that will require round the clock supervision.

Or you may be in the early stages and can manage with an intensive outpatient program. If you need more information on getting the help you need, visit the Epiphany Wellness website at https://epiphanywellness.com/.

Let’s take a look now at the list of factors you’ll want to consider.

1.  Type of treatment

To begin, you’ll want to consider which type of treatment is best fit for you. There are two different types: inpatient and outpatient. Serious cases will need to use the inpatient option since it has medical personnel on-site 24/7.

They will be able to deal with your withdrawal symptoms (even when severe). Outpatient treatment is great for those who pose no threat to themselves or others. And, they are less likely to deal with serious withdrawals since their addiction was dealt with early enough.

2.  Cost

Rehab treatment won’t be cheap. However, it is important to consider your options in terms of affordability. Keep in mind that there are several ways to finance your treatment including payment plans, crowdfunding, or even having friends or family help out.

Either way, it is possible for you to find treatment that is in good quality while affordable for you.

3.  Location

It may be a good thing to have a treatment center closest to home. However, if the nearest one is a bit farther away, this can be a challenge. The circumstances and needs of your treatment may supersede the location.

This means you may need to plan to spend time away from home as part of your treatment process. It can be difficult since you want to be close to your family and see them often. Sometimes, you may have no other choice.  If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, seeking professional help is essential. With the right treatment plan, individuals can take control of their addiction and achieve long-term recovery. Drug addiction treatment in Oviedo, FL can provide individuals with the necessary resources and support to overcome their addiction, whether you require outpatient treatment or inpatient care.

4.  Duration of treatment

The duration of treatment will differ from one person to the next. Some will last as long as 90 days while others may last a week. It will depend on the plan put together by the professionals working alongside you.

A more serious addiction would require more time compared to those who’s addiction is in the early stages. Those who may undergo intensive outpatient treatment (or IOT) may have a shorter duration since they are dealing with life obligations.

On top of that, their addiction may be more manageable as well as any mental disorders they may have.

5.  Type of staff

Treatment centers will have different types of staff members. An inpatient facility will have medical personnel on staff including nurses and physicians. Counselors will also be on staff as well.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at the staff to patient ratio. A good number to look out for is 5:1. This means that one staff member will be able to care for up to 15 patients at a time.

You’ll want a staff that will give you the treatment you need whenever possible. Especially on days when the withdrawal symptoms are a bit more severe.

6.  Insurance coverage

Earlier, we discussed costs and affordability. Depending on the type of treatment, you may need to handle some of the finances. Inpatient rehab will be more expensive and thus out of pocket expenses will occur even with insurance.

Outpatient treatment may be covered, but otherwise it’s affordable enough. You should find a facility based on your needs and situation that accepts insurance. You’ll also need to review your policy to make sure how much coverage insurance will provide for such treatment.

7.  What is their specialty?

Some drug rehab facilities will not focus on general drug addiction. Some may specialize in certain addictions such as opioids or cocaine. If you have been addicted to heroin, it might make more sense to attend a rehab center specializing in that area.

You will get a more personalized treatment aimed at beating that addiction (along with the withdrawal symptoms). Also, a specialized treatment center will make it more effective. Being treated for the wrong addiction can lead to harmful consequences.

8.   Do they have aftercare programs?

Most drug rehab centers will have aftercare programs available for those who finished treatment. It would be a great idea for alumni to have access to all the care they can get to ensure they prevent a relapse.

At the same time, they want to be given the continuous care they need for their mental disorders. This way, they can be more manageable. If there is a day when things don’t go well for them, they will always have someone to turn to.

9.  Do they have sober housing available?

After your treatment at a facility, they may have sober housing available. If they don’t, they may have one in their network. This is in the event if your living situation after treatment needs to be arranged.

Your home setting might not be ideal for post-addiction treatment. The environment may be bad enough where relapse is likely. Some rehab facilities may partner up with sober housing facilities as a way to provide their patients an option for housing if and when needed.

10. What are people saying about it?

There’s no better way to learn about a facility than by someone who’s been there. Talk to someone who has done treatment there. Ask them questions about the staff, the treatment they have received, and more.

If possible, find out more from more than just one person. This will give you a good idea of whether or not the facility you wish to go to is worth it. Word of mouth referrals are always a powerful thing when it comes to drug addiction treatment.