When it comes to a highly effective tooth replacement solution, dentures are a popular choice and with good reason. Dentures are a way for you to maintain a beautiful and natural-looking smile even if you are missing a few teeth. However, it is crucial that you remember that getting quality results from using dentures as a tooth replacement solution is only possible when you put in the effort to properly maintain and care for them. Part of this maintenance is being able to identify denture defects or issues and getting them fixed immediately. Some common denture defects/issues that require immediate denture repair include;

Broken Dentures

Accidents cannot be totally avoided, so it’s not unusual to find yourself in a situation where you’ve dropped your dentures, stepped on them, or have applied too much pressure on them. When this happens, a replacement tooth will most likely be broken and require repairs. It is important that you do not try to reattach this broken tooth by yourself, either by using an OTC denture repair kit or with a household adhesive, as this will only worsen the damage. Your quick fix may also result in an irregular fit and cause other oral problems in the future.

Your best bet for getting a quick and proper repair for your broken denture is to enlist the services of the right mobile denture repair company. This will guarantee that your denture repair is carried out by an experienced professional while using the proper tools.

Cracked/chipped dentures

An entire replacement tooth may not necessarily break every time you drop your dentures. Sometimes, what you may notice are small cracks, pits, or chips in your dentures. While these cracks may not serve as immediate threats to the functionality of your dentures, they can create sharp and uneven edges or surfaces that cause cuts and irritation to the soft tissue in the mouth. This type of denture defect should be immediately repaired so they do not get bigger over time, as fixing them then will be much harder (you might even need a full denture replacement).

Complete fracture of the dentures

A complete fracture occurs when your dentures are either split in half or a piece completely breaks off from the rest of it. This is a type of denture defect that requires emergency repairs since there is no way you can keep wearing the fractured pieces. Denture fractures never occur at a convenient time so it is important that you avoid the temptation of using a denture repair kit to provide a temporary fix, as this can further exacerbate the damage. When a complete fracture happens, immediately put the fractured pieces in a safe container and mail them to a reliable mobile denture repair company for repairs.

Denture slippage

If you notice that your dentures occasionally move out of position when you laugh, eat, cough, speak or even smile, then they may not be an adequate fit. If the dentures are new, try to reposition them gently by biting down and swallowing. You should get used to holding them in place with your tongue and cheek muscles over time. However, if the slippage continues, then your dentures might need to be adjusted- see your denturist immediately.


Defects to your dentures should always be taken seriously as failing to repair them immediately only leads to further damage and other oral issues such as; cuts, sores, gum irritation, and difficulty chewing and speaking. Ensure that you always contact your denturist or a denture repair service to carry out all your denture repair needs.