Even when you exercise the most caution with your dentures, there is always a possibility that you might drop them, or they become loose-fitting due to the natural changes that occur in the mouth tissues over time. When this happens, it is crucial that you get them repaired immediately as wearing damaged or poorly-fitted dentures can cause several different health issues such as; pain and discomfort, difficulty eating and speaking, and bacteria build-up, which can lead to gum disease and other oral infections. Luckily there are several easy and convenient ways to get emergency denture repair nowadays, and one of such ways is same-day denture repair.

What is same-day denture repair?

While trying to find an emergency denture repair service, you may come across a service called same-day denture repair a few times. What this service means is that the dental office or mobile denture repair company will be able to carry out repairs on your dentures and have them returned to you within a day- sometimes in less than 24 hours.

How same-day denture repair works

Dental offices or mobile denture repair companies that offer same-day denture repair as part of their services usually have a specialised denture technician at a nearby lab that they closely work with. During the repairs, the technician uses special dental adhesives as well as a form of acrylic material designed for denture repair to reattach and correct your broken dentures so that by the time they are returned to you, they will be good as new and ready to be worn immediately.

In the rare occasion where your dentures are damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced, the right mobile denture repair company may be able to aid you in getting immediate (temporary) dentures while you wait to get more permanent dentures.

Benefits of same-day denture repair

Quicker repairs- one of the downsides of sending your dentures in for repairs is having to wait for the teeth to come in. This means that you will have to stay with no teeth for the duration of the repairs. Thankfully same-day denture repair offers the benefit of being quick, so you only have to be without your dentures for a few hours.

Pain relief- ill-fitting or damaged dentures can cause issues like sore spots in your mouth, difficulty chewing, headaches, discomfort, and pain in gums and surrounding tissues. Same-day denture repair can help relieve this pain by fixing and returning your dentures to you all within a few hours.

A beautiful smile- being without your dentures can affect your smile. Also, when you send your dentures in for repairs, the denture technician can determine if they need extra work like polishing, cleaning, and re-aligning. Carrying out this extra work on your dentures will give you a better smile and also improve your confidence.

The cost of same-day denture repair

As with any other repair, the cost of same-day denture repair near me usually depends on the severity of the damage and the nature of work that needs to be carried out on the dentures.


Gone are the days when you had to wait a long period for your dentures to be repaired. With the continuous growth and development in dental technology, having your dentures repaired and returned to you within the same day is now possible, and it comes with many great benefits.