Weed Is Great!

Scientists have discovered that many people find their lives significantly improved with the addition of a moderate usage of marijuana in their daily mental health routine. Whether you want to smoke it, drink it, eat it or consume it in some other way, marijuana (https://www.infoplease.com/encyclopedia/medicine/drug/pharmacology/marijuana) is a critically important way for many people to improve their mental health by combatting depression, anxiety and other neurological disorders that impact roughly eighty percent of all people in the world, not just in North America.

When we think about pot usage, we are thinking about a lifesaver that should have never been made illegal during the sweeping bans of the 1930’s that were aimed at curbing immigration from different parts of the world. In the United States of America specifically, marijuana, cocaine and opium were made illegal in attempts to slow down or ban the immigration of Mexican, African and Chinese immigrants respectively. That long, sad racist history of the United States has impacted the rest of the world’s policies towards some of these substances because America acts as the world’s police like a bully, but things are finally changing.

The History of Pot

And now, we have pot dispensaries all over the world, especially in the important, beautiful and much more ideal northern sister in North America, which is Canada. Canadians have been open minded enough to recognize the failures of previous attempts to ban substances by recognizing that such substance use cannot be curbed by merely making every step in the process of obtaining these substances illegal. Instead, Canadians have adopted a holistic approach, forgoing the foolishly and poorly classified substance system that was badly pioneered by racist legislators in the United States of America, so now Canadians can enjoy some pot for their mental health.

People will always find ways to enjoy some of these substances because they really do improve your mood and make you feel much better each time you use them, provided you are using an appropriate dosage and giving yourself the best shot at engaging with marijuana in a healthy manner. There are some countries in the world like those in Asia where marijuana is almost impossible to find and comes with strict prison policies. For those people, we would recommend taking a visit to a Vancouver pot dispensary the next time you get the chance to go on an international vacation.

Weed Is For You!

It will be worth it to set aside a few weeks a year to visit a country where weed restrictions are relaxed or nonexistent, because you will get the chance to enjoy the relaxation, satisfaction, blissfulness, happiness and euphoria that come with ingesting marijuana. And because this is marijuana and not something that is physically addictive, you can go back home and be just fine not ingesting any weed until your next vacation. Marijuana is not physically or biologically addictive, it is only emotionally and psychologically addictive. Meaning that your body will not crave weed but your brain will, so as a result, you do not have to wean yourself off of it or struggle in any way if you stop using it.

Women in these countries are also benefitting from the increasing focus on finding creams that utilize THC to help them with their menstrual cramps. This innovation may be surprising to you if you are unaware of its existence. But can you imagine what it is like to be able to recover from pain without having to resort to chemicals that are lab created and synthesized, instead of merely harvested from the ground and turned into a soothing paste? Most of the people addicted to amphetamines and opioids in this world began their ingestion of such substances through the hospital.

This is why learning more about pot dispensaries near you can be really ideal, because it could potentially save your life. The author of this article has a friend who recently underwent back surgery, and instead of taking very strong and addictive medicine to heal like oxycontin and the like, this person merely ingested pot and was able to avoid the gamble of taking an extremely addictive substance that can lead people to harsher addictions in the future.