Recently, cosmetic procedures aimed to provide anti-aging effects have gained mainstream reception. Many women (and men) start with less invasive treatments – injections, dermal fillers, and the like – but some have also considered Beverly Hills facelift treatments that are surgical in the procedure. Facial rejuvenation surgeries like Beverly Hills facelift evokes more long-lasting and not to mention dramatic results.

When considering facial rejuvenation surgery or Beverly Hills facelift procedure, here are some important things that one needs to know…

What Beverly Hills Facelift Is

A Beverly Hills facelift is a procedure that lifts and tightens sagging skin, particularly on the face and neck area. Surgeons perform the surgical procedure inside an operating room while often placing patients under general anesthesia to make them sleep.

During the Beverly Hills facelift procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision around the patient’s earlobes to help hid the surgical scars which are often minimal. The surgeon then proceeds by lifting and pulling back those loose facial and neck connective tissues and skin. The surgeon performing the Beverly Hills facelift also removes excess skin before the closing of the incision. The Beverly Hills facelift addresses problem areas like sagging skin along the jawline, loose neck skin, nasolabial folds (marionette lines) between the mouth and nose, double chin, and midface drooping.

When Beverly Hills facelift procedures are compared to filler injections, the latter lasts anywhere from 8 months to 2 years while the former typically lasts for several years more.

How Long a Beverly Hills Facelift Recovery Take

One common misconception about Beverly Hills facelift is the amount of time a patient recovers from it. People often think worse of things than they actually are and so for Beverly Hills facelift procedures they often expect it to take 6 weeks. But in reality, recovering from a Beverly Hills facelift procedure only take about 10 to 14 days for most patients.

While the incisions heal during recovery, patients can expect some degree of swelling and bruising. The surgeon who performed the Beverly Hills facelift should give detailed post-surgical care instructions to their patients and recommend pain relievers as needed to speed up healing.

What Benefits a Beverly Hills Facelift Have

It is not surprising that the main benefits of the Beverly Hills facelift procedure are those of intangible results – the patient’s increased satisfaction with their appearance and having other people see them as more attractive and youthful.

Patients who opt for the Beverly Hills facelift procedures often want what they feel on the inside to reflect in the mirror. They want to let the people around them think positive thoughts about them.

Studies have shown that casual observers saw women who have undergone the Beverly Hills facelift procedure to be younger, and more attractive. The casual observers also few these women as healthier and more successful.

What Risks and Drawbacks the Beverly Hills Facelift Procedure Have

As in any surgical procedure, there is an accompanying risk from the Beverly Hills facelift procedure that patients need to consider before undergoing it inside the operating room. The general anesthesia employed when doing a Beverly Hills facelift procedure poses a risk for some people especially older adults and those patients with certain medical conditions like obesity and diabetes.

Some patients also tend to have a higher risk of bleeding during Beverly Hills facelift surgeries. Patients who smoke and are taking anti-coagulants or anti-clotting medications also have increased risks.

For some Beverly Hills facelift clinics, if general anesthesia cannot be utilized, they may try using local anesthetics that numb the facial area.

What To Look for From Beverly Hills Facelift Clinics

Needless to say, when one is interested in undergoing a Beverly Hills facelift surgery that nothing is as important as picking the right plastic surgeon to do it.

As in any new endeavor, patients should do some homework. Checking out online reviews of Beverly Hills facelift clinics is important to know what to expect from the procedure.

Having done the research, the next step would be to consult the Beverly Hills facelift surgeon in mind. Patients should prepare for it by mentally – or actually – noting doting questions before the scheduled appointment.

Here are some traits that are worth prying into when it comes to a Beverly Hills facelift surgeon…

  • The Beverly Hills Facelift Surgeons Must Be Board Certified

This should be obvious, do not fall for Beverly Hills facelift surgeons that are not board certified. The plastic surgeon who performs every procedure or surgery should be certified to do them and certification almost always means additional training. Their clinic anesthesiologist should also be board certified as well!

  • The Beverly Hills Facelift Surgeons Must Have a Safe and Clean Environment for the Procedure

Beverly Hills facelift clinics should be clean and well-lighted places. They should have sanitary offices and procedure rooms that are crucial for a successful surgery. Automatically, patients should not have to worry about dirty needles or medication errors.

  • The Beverly Hills Facelift Surgeons Must Provide Excellent Customer Service

The Beverly Hills facelift clinic staff should be helpful, approachable, and competent in providing the ultimate cosmetic surgery experience. During post-op, excellent customer service should become more evident.

Patients should also remember that no matter what the service is, undergoing a Beverly Hills facelift surgery is a big decision and they should be comfortable with the team that will do the work. Quality plastic surgery clinics should be always happy to prioritize their patient’s needs.

Is Beverly Hills Facelift Procedure Evident to People Post-surgery

A lot of patients are conscious that their faces might look stretched out or that the people around them will find it obvious that they have undergone Beverly Hills facelift surgery. When consulting with the best Beverly Hills facelift clinic with the right surgeon, this should not be the case. If a Beverly Hills facelift surgery is performed well, the result should come out as natural looking and so nobody should be able to tell.

The point is to find a Beverly Hills facelift plastic surgeon with experience that yielded high-quality results. Before-and-after photos of previous patients can be shown to current patients for them to get a grip on the procedure’s safety and quality. A crucial question to ask the surgeon is if their Beverly Hills facelift clinic collects information on patient satisfaction and other outcome barometers. If there is a high percentage of patients who have been extremely satisfied with the results of their facelift surgery after 5 years, the reluctant patient will more likely have a successful procedure.