Back pain can stop you in your tracks and completely change your life. Back pain may result from heavy lifting, falling, a herniated disk or a car accident. Visiting your family practitioner may not be enough for chronic back pain, but a chiropractor can help. Chiropractors specialize in neuromuscular disorders and may be able to make spine adjustments to alleviate pain. Here are five benefits of visiting a chiropractor as soon as possible.

1. Resolves Back and Neck Pain

Most people see a chiropractor because they’re suffering from back or neck trouble. Back and neck pain are directly related and can be debilitating, but seeking pain management with a chiropractor will help relieve discomfort that doesn’t respond to medication. For example, if your spine is out of alignment, a chiropractor can realign it and then solve the underlying issue. If you have poor posture or sleep wrong, a chiropractor will suggest healthy changes.

2. Reduces Symptoms of Sciatica

Another benefit of visiting a chiropractor is to reduce the symptoms of sciatica. Sciatica is the pain of the sciatic nerve which runs from your lower back and buttocks, down the backside of your legs. It can be excruciating and is likened to a burning sensation or an electric shock. Sciatica happens when the nerve becomes compressed or pinched by a spinal disk. A chiropractor can adjust the spine, relieve the pressure and instruct a patient on pain-relieving exercises.

3. Improves Quality of Sleep

Not only are back and neck problems painful, but they also lead to other problems such as lack of sleep. When your body aches, it’s almost impossible to find a comfortable position in bed. This annoying pain can also lead to headaches and migraines which further inhibit sleep. If you’ve tried changing your pillows and your mattress to no avail, a chiropractor will find the root of your pain and make the adjustments needed to allow for a better night of sleep.

4. Provides Relief Without Medication

Many people think that medication is the answer to all pain, but who wants to rely on pills? If you’d rather find the source of your pain and fix it for good, a chiropractor is a great place to start. Not only do chiropractors know how to fix a misaligned spine, but they also provide massage and suggest exercises for you to perform at home. A hands-on approach is preferable to depending on medication that only masks the pain instead of solving the problem.

5. Promotes Better Quality of Life

Back pain has a major impact on everyday life. It reduces your ability to move which affects your job, relationships, ability to drive, sports performance and even prevents you from playing with your children. Such limited activity could eventually lead to isolation and depression. By visiting a chiropractor and solving back and neck issues permanently, you’ll enjoy a fuller and better quality of life.

If you’re experiencing back or neck pain without an end in sight, consider visiting a chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment can resolve pain, improve sleep and give you your life back.