As eye shapes come in a variety of forms, it’s no secret that eyelash extensions are not one-size-fits-all. With new and unique individual eyelash extension styles, it’s easy to find the right lash fill for your eye shape. In this article, let’s explore Asian and monolid eye shapes, the best eyelash extensions for Asian eyes and how to choose the best curve and style for your eye shape.

Monolid and Hooded Eyes

When it comes to Asian eye shapes, there is a characteristic hooding of the eyelids that is also known as monolid eye shapes. As these eye shapes can cover the top of the eyelashes, oftentimes mink lash extensions get hidden behind the lids. That is why it’s important to choose suitable eyelash extensions for Asian eyes.

Longer Lashes

Longer individual eyelash extensions work great on monolid and hooded eye shapes. These mink lash extensions have longer tips and can be easily seen even with heavy lid covering. Choose lash extensions that are 3-4 mm longer than the client’s natural lash length. The longer the lashes are, the more visible they will be on monolid eye shapes. For premium-quality individual eyelash extensions that bring effortless style, elegance and chicness, visit the Stacy Lash lash supply store.

L Curl

Along with length, mink lash extension curls also play a major role in selecting the best eyelash extensions for Asian eyes. The L curl is a great option as the individual eyelash extension can uplift natural lashes that tend to droop downward. Placing the L curl lashes on the outer corners of the eyes can help balance hooding of the eyelids.

D Curl

The D curl also works on downturned monolid eye shapes. The upward-sloping curl can define and open up the eyes. Browse through the Stacy Lash mink lash extensions section to view the wide selection of D curl eyelash extensions for Asian eyes.

J Curl

Unlike the L and J curls, it’s best not to combine the Asian monolid eye shapes with the classic J curls. As the J curls are straight at the base, these individual eyelash extensions do not lift the eyes, but instead, accentuate the downward slope of natural lashes. That is why, the L and the D curls are considered to be the best eyelash extensions for Asian eyes.