It could be said that we are living in a digital age and have been for a couple of decades and this brings many benefits; e-commerce is the fastest growing sector and ordering products online has become second nature for millions of consumers the world over. There have been great advances in communication, with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that gives real-time video for no cost other than Internet charges.

Personal alarms for seniors

If your dad is an independent man who is in his mature years, you probably worry about him, which is perfectly natural and now there is a perfect solution; the senior personal alarm. Many seniors enjoy a very active life and wish to retain their independence; the personal alarm gives them just that and more.

How does the system work?

The nationwide network of personal alarms for the elderly in Australia is manned around the clock and your annual subscription is all you need to pay to make use of this network of health professionals. The elderly person wears the device around their neck and all they have to do is hold down the SOS button for more than 2 seconds and they have voice communication with a health worker. The wearer’s exact location is always known and emergency services can be alerted immediately, should it be required.

Online solutions

If your mother or father lives alone and you are concerned about their welfare, search with Google for a senior personal alarm provider that is based here in Australia and find out about the many features the system provides. The great thing about the Internet is you can very easily compare products and services and by choosing an established provider, you can be sure that service is everything you wish for and more.

Fall detection

The pendant device can incorporate a fall detection feature, which automatically alerts a healthcare worker, who knows the person’s exact location and in the event the voice request is not answered, they can activate the emergency services immediately. Click here for information on pacemaker development.

Outside the home

The pendant device connects with a main unit that is in the home, yet the wearer is also connected to the network via satellite, so if your dad likes to go hiking, this device is perfect for any emergency that might occur. He might like to go fishing on his own and knowing that he is being monitored is a great relief.

Home based system

The main unit is fitted to a wall and that enables instant communication with a healthcare worker, while you can buy a pendant device which can be worn while in the garden. The unit can be installed in any room and with an annual subscription, your elderly relative is being monitored around the clock. Click here for Australian government information on types of aged care offered.

Independent living

Many elderly people do not want to lose their independence, which is perfectly understandable and some will refuse offers of residential care, preferring to live alone. Now a senior can enjoy 24/7 monitoring no matter where they happen to be, thanks to GPS technology and if you would like this service for an elderly relative, search online for an Australian provider of senior personal alarms and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with round the clock health monitoring.