We all had a planner during our school days; however, the benefits of such can be reaped even upon leaving school. From keeping you organized to aiding your productivity, there is a wide array of health advantages that can be gained from keeping a daily planner. Never again will you be asking “When does Qurbani start?” or “When is my friend’s birthday?” A daily planner places you in the best position possible to tackle your day head on and get everything done that you need to do. Keeping everything in order in this way is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re not overwhelmed by your daily responsibilities.

Provides You with a Place for Records

First things first, a planner ensures that you don’t forget any upcoming appointments and guarantees that you don’t double book yourself. In the instance that you double book yourself, this can create unnecessary stress and anxiety. Whether you need to cancel or rearrange your plans, this is something that wouldn’t have had to be of concern if you hadn’t double booked in the first instance. Recording everything in your calendar tells you what you’re doing and when, giving you a sense of control over your life and reducing any stress that stems from uncertainty.

Allows You to Set Aside Time for Creative Activities

Setting aside time for creative activities can be a real struggle; however, these activities may play a huge role in one’s mental wellbeing. Despite this, mandatory responsibilities typically leave little time for creative activities to be enjoyed. In order to tread the balance between the two, many people use their planner as a creative activity. Some people will use stickers, highlighters, colored pens, sticky notes, and many more to make their planners look pretty and have fun whilst organizing their lives. Similarly, noting down your responsibilities in a visually appealing way can make you feel more positive about them.

Provides Stress Relief

Typically speaking, stress is a result of feeling overwhelmed. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed when you seemingly have an endless number of things to do. Therefore, listing your responsibilities helps you break them down into manageable tasks, rather than facing them as a big bulk of things to do. On top of this, a planner relieves you of the stress of being late, missing something, or double booking. Furthermore, your planner can be used to schedule in self care activities, from a facial to a walk. This ensures that you’re setting time aside for yourself to unwind.

Improves Productivity

Whether it’s in a professional or personal capacity, productivity is important to keep yourself motivated. If you lose motivation, it can be quite easy to fall into a state of depression, which can also result in anxiety if your depression leads you to not complete tasks. One of the simplest, yet effective, ways of maintaining your motivation is to create your list and tick off your tasks as you achieve them. This provides you with a sense of accomplishment, which encourages you to keep progressing through the list until it’s complete.

Aids Time Management

One of the biggest contributors to stress is feeling as though you don’t have enough time to complete everything. Therefore, a planner is a great aid, as you can actually set yourself time slots to complete tasks. It’s a good idea to leave yourself a little bit of leeway so that you can come back to tasks later on if you run out of time. This just prevents one unprecedented task from taking over your entire day.