As we age, our body undergoes change and as you would expect, by the time a person reaches retirement age, they may require dentures, yet there is an alternative, which comes in the form of dental implants. If you are looking to have your teeth removed and replaced, here is some background information about both of these dental treatments.


  • The pros – Once you get used to wearing a full set of upper and lower dentures, they are effective, look natural and can be removed when sleeping and cleaned using a special cleaning agent. Dentures are also affordable and wearing them quickly soon becomes second nature, plus you get to choose the shade. Most people have a spare set made up, which can be used if the original dentures need repairing, and leaving your dentures in a glass by the bed is part and parcel of life without teeth.
  • The cons – Dentures can be poorly fitting, leading to embarrassing situations when your teeth rattle against the gums and for some, being able to remove them is not a plus, as they can easily get damaged.

Dental implants

  • The Pros – Implants are very much a permanent solution to missing teeth and when fitted, they look and feel like the real thing! Implants cannot be removed and cleaning is the same as with natural teeth. A fit and forget solution, dental implants are not cheap, yet many elderly people prefer this treatment to wearing dentures for obvious reasons. Your local dentist in Narre Warren would offer dental implant treatment and after an initial consultation, you can make a booking for the treatment.
  • The cons – The cost is the biggest downside to dental implants, while some people are anxious about the treatment itself, which involves drilling into the jawbone and inserting titanium pins to support the prosthetic teeth. Actually, the treatment is painless due to local anaesthetic and it takes two separate appointments to complete the work; the first session is to insert the titanium pins, which need time to bond with the bone and tissue. The dentist fits temporary upper and lower teeth until it is time to fit the permanent set, which would be 4-6 weeks after pin insertion.

Four-pin insertion

For a full set of teeth, the implants are made in a single piece for the top and also for the bottom set; each set is affixed to 4 separate pins that are screwed into your jawbone on both upper and lower gums and these provide a strong anchor. There are cases when the person’s jawbone is unsuitable and a different anchor system is used, with a thin wire frame that fits on top of the gum tissue. Here are a few tips if you are approaching retirement age.

If cost is not an issue, we recommend dental implants, which offer a permanent solution and you can forget about those dentures and enjoy life to the full. Click here for Australian government information about dental treatment, which is very informative.