Experience has shown how people are more likely to keep quiet about some health challenges. It is not because these health complications are not supposed to be addressed. Instead, it is due to their sensitive nature for the most part.

For the record, Erectile Dysfunction happens to be one of such complications. There are just so many men across and beyond this country that have this problem. However, the habit of keeping silent does no good.

Bearing this in mind, such men need to seek medical attention. This will help them understand the causes and ways to address the problem that affects them in so many ways. You might also want to know that there are men most likely to have ED and this information should be known by all men. This is so that lifestyle changes by vulnerable people will prevent them from having this condition.

Having made all these clear, the next and particularly important subject that should be addressed is ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction. There are many options in this regard but factors such as health risks, effectiveness, and downtime need to be considered.

On this note, we have gathered that PRP Penile Growth Therapy is ideal. We will discuss some more about this therapy and advise every man to keep reading.

Components of the Blood – Understanding PRP from the Bigger Picture

Understanding what makes up the blood will go a long way in helping every one of us understand how PRP therapy works. This is why this subject is brought up here.

Against this backdrop, the blood is made up of four components. These components are – white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, and plasma.

PRP is an acronym for Platelet-Rich Plasma. From the words that make up this acronym, you can see that two out of the four blood components are involved in this ED treatment method. These are platelets and plasma. Let us talk some more about plasma and (most especially) platelets.


The blood is mostly made up of this component although there are 3 other components involved. The blood contains so much of it that no less than half of the blood is plasma.

There is so much to know about this important blood component. However, as it concerns its effect on penile strength and function, you should know that it is very important. This is considering how hormones, nutrients, and even some essential proteins required for penile growth and strength are transported by plasma.


The platelet is solely responsible for helping the body recover when there is an injury. For example, this is how it works when there is an open wound. Two things are necessary when this happens, and this is – stopping the bleeding and sealing the spot (clotting).

Well, the platelet is responsible for ensuring that both happen. In other words, the body’s ability to properly heal from injuries in good time is because of the platelet. This is just a bit of how important the platelet is. You can read this article if you are interested in knowing more about how important this blood component is.

How PRP Penile Growth Therapy Works

Judging from the combination of the essential roles of plasma and platelet, PRP penile growth therapy is aimed at achieving a couple of things. Amongst them include the following:

  • Addressing any injury that affects penile growth and strength
  • Ensuring that the hormones, nutrients, and proteins needed by this male organ are gotten
  • Ensuring that the penis’s blood vessels and tissue are healthier
  • Seeing the desired changes as soon as possible

Having established this, the processes that PRP penile growth therapy involves include the following:

Collection of Blood Sample

The objective here is to collect a blood sample from a part of the body that can offer blood rich in both plasma and (especially) platelets. You might want to know that the sample collected is not so much as even little can get the job done.

Use of Centrifuge

Every drop of blood contains all four components (white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, and plasma). Well, PRP penile growth therapy only requires two out of all the four components (plasma and platelet).

In other words, there is a need to separate these two needed components from the other two. A machine known as a centrifuge is what is used to achieve this aim. The collected blood sample is spun in this machine and isolated platelets and plasma can be obtained this way.

The whole point of doing this is to have a mixture containing more platelet concentration compared to regular blood. After this step would come the next and final step discussed below.

P-Shot/Priapus Shot

The plasma and (especially) platelet-rich mixture that is gotten from the blood sample is then injected into the penis. The effects of the enormous amount of plasma and (especially) platelets will then affect the operations of the penis from then on. The patient in question determines how many times this process has to be repeated and the timing.

Using the Services of a Good Doctor

The services of a good doctor need to be engaged by those considering this ED treatment option. This is for several reasons including the following:

To be Certain PRP Penile Growth Therapy is Ideal for You

It is only appropriate that the patient is properly examined. The examination will help in deciding whether PRP penile growth therapy should be considered or not.

To Avoid the Side Effects

Some resources say this treatment method comes with no risk involved. Well, that is not entirely true.

For one, there are risks involved in a treatment option that involves the use of injection just as this treatment method does. These risks include nerve damage, tissue damage, infection, bruising, and pain.

However, they are only likely to happen when the process is done by an incompetent doctor. Hence, this is why you should be particular about getting treated in the right facility and by the right professional. You can visit https://truongrehab.com/penile-enlargement/ for more information about this.


What we might not have mentioned here in this article is that this ED treatment option is still considered experimental. As a result, there are reservations about it in some quarters.

However, we have gathered that it is highly effective having heard from people that used it. So, you might want to consider it if you have erectile dysfunction issues. But as also mentioned here, make sure you engage the services of the right professional.