Early signs of aging start to set in from the middle 40s, and sometimes menopause and hormonal problems escalate their occurrence. The first sign is body dehydration which starts to show up in your skin as dryness and fine lines. Thinning hair, balding, extreme fatigue, and slowness in doing routine chores are all signs of early aging.

Dry, dull skin

Dry and dull skin is the first sign of early aging, starting with patchy lips and continuing with acne on the hands and back. Dry, flaking skin or the ability to draw white lines on your skin with fingernails is the first prominent sign your body needs extra nourishment. Taking IV drips curated specially for anti-aging on skin glowing will help combat early aging.

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Pigmentation and age spots

You can control pigmentation in a few days by using potato juice or Vitamin C serum on your skin. Use retinoids or go for a laser peel when the pigmentation is light to prevent it from darkening. Colored patches and skin tags may start appearing in some regions of your skin, spoiling the skin’s youthful look. 

This occurs because the skin’s elasticity is deteriorating, and minor fungal infections start feeding on the excess oil in the skin. After consulting a skin doctor, remove the skin tags as recommended, and use age spot controlling treatments. You can try dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, or applying hydroquinone on the spots.

Fatigue and health issues

Immense fatigue and the lack of will to engage activities you love can indicate early aging. Lack of enough body nourishment, Vitamin A, or Magnesium deficiency might cause tiredness. Consult a doctor and start taking supplements, cut down on your busy schedule, and rest on a vacation for a fortnight to rejuvenate yourself. 

Check for other health conditions like diabetes or anemia, which might lead to extreme tiredness. Alter your schedule to get enough sleep and start doing mild exercises like walking or jogging daily to overcome droopiness.

Hair volume loss

Hair loss increases suddenly in middle age, and most doctors blame hormones. Eat healthily and start using DIY hair packs to control hair fall or get advanced hair care therapy. Check for underlying conditions like alopecia and start taking treatment at the early stages to avoid further thinning. 

Start eating healthy foods, take medications to correct your hormones, and get your thyroid checked to know whether there is an abnormality. Stop using chemical shampoos and switch to mild products that aren’t harsh on the hair and try taking biotin drinks for hair growth.


One significant sign of early aging is wrinkle lines between the two eyes on the bridge of the nose or the forehead. It is one of the first signs of aging most people notice. Fine lines on both sides of your mouth appear next, and the forehead lines keep increasing. 

Take Botox, and eat plenty of skin-friendly food like fatty fish, broccoli, tomatoes, and healthy nuts. Start using quality wrinkle prevention creams with anise in them from the first day your notice wrinkles to keep them under control.

Bigger pores

The greatest indicator of young skin is its shiny, tight, and pore-free skin. Your pores get bigger with age and refuse to close with regular DIY face packs, indicating early signs of aging. Start using age-specific makeup (35+ or 40 + makeup products) to cover the appearance of pores on the skin. 

Always keep the body hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids and eating water-rich foods like cucumber daily. Remember to keep your pores clean to avoid infections and other skin complications like dryness and acne.

Sagging skin in hands

Another major sign of aging most people miss out on is sagging skin on hands. Other people spot it quickly as the region under the shoulder starts to sag and hang like a bag. Get regular massages in the spa to avoid sagging and use good hand creams and serums to combat wrinkles in hands that will occur next. 

If your nail starts to break easily, peel in layers, or see discoloration in them, take a hemoglobin test. Start taking iron supplements if there is a problem to help increase nail strength. Do regular hand exercises to tighten the skin and avoid fat accumulation on your upper arm.