Have you attempted to achieve an ideal body shape but diets and exercising have not been effective? Liposuction is a treatment you might like to consider. This cosmetic procedure helps eliminate stubborn fat from the abdomen, thighs, hips, back, or chest, much more quickly. This way, you can improve your appearance by achieving your desired body shape.

Liposuction is effective in removing fat from various targeted areas. However, the surgery doesn’t prevent your body from generating new fat cells. Therefore, after your procedure at Lumen Laser Center, you need to maintain your results. This way, you’ll avoid regaining the weight you’ve already lost.

It may be advisable to:

  1. Work Out Regularly

One way to maintain your new look after liposuction is by exercising regularly. Working out daily for at least 30 minutes may be recommendable. However, resting for one day might be allowed, too.

It’s advisable to start with lighter exercises like easy walking or household activities after surgery. When you’re more comfortable, you can move on to simple aerobics, and later, you can do higher-impact workouts. Other activities that might help you maintain your results are cycling, running, swimming, planking, or hiking.

However, don’t pressure yourself. Only proceed to complex exercises when you’re comfortable and after bruises and incisions have healed and started disappearing. It is advisable to consult medical attention if you experience pain or discomfort while working out. Sometimes it may be challenging to exercise regularly due to various barriers. It could be due to a busy schedule, a mountain of chores, a lack of motivation, or the fear of getting injured. If you’re experiencing these hardships, many patients do, as well. However, you can ensure you consistently work out by choosing activities you enjoy from the list given above. Also, having an accountability partner could help keep you motivated to work out. If you’re afraid of getting hurt, it’s best to work with a trainer who has experience in liposuction exercises.

  1. Minimize Stress

Stress may cause you to regain the weight you lost through liposuction. It’s thought that when you’re under pressure, the body naturally produces a hormone called cortisol. This substance stimulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism, causing your body to have excess energy.

Though the process might be helpful in a tense situation, it also raises your appetite. As a result, you may start eating more than you usually do. Then this causes you to have more calories, promoting weight gain.

Besides that, high cortisol levels may increase your insulin levels, promoting low blood sugar. This may cause you to crave sweet or fatty foods. After eating sugary items, your body may store the energy generated as abdominal fat, which could be challenging to eliminate. On the other hand, fatty meals might increase calories in your body, promoting weight gain.

As seen, it’s essential to ensure you minimize stress after liposuction. This way, it could be easier to maintain your results. If you feel like you’re under too much pressure, there are various ways to reduce stress. You could try listening to soothing music, practicing meditation or yoga, or doing something you enjoy like cooking, gardening, and other hobbies.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking more water daily after your liposuction procedure could also be beneficial. This healthy drink might help you lower your appetite and maintain high energy levels. This way, you might not feel hunger more often and could have no cravings. As a result, you’re able to maintain a healthy weight.

Taking more water every day might also help ensure your body can easily break down food. Poor digestion could be linked to weight gain. This is due to the possibility of not being able to absorb and fully utilize helpful food nutrients. Additionally, it may not be possible to efficiently remove waste from your body. As a result, your metabolic rate might slow down, hindering the proper burning of calories.

  1. Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods could also help you maintain your liposuction results. It may be best to keep off sugary, processed, or high sodium meals. The majority of these contain many unhealthy calories. Also, when eating such meals, you don’t feel full quickly, so they’re easy to overeat. Besides that, these foods could also cause you to feel bloated and tired, meaning it’ll be less likely for you to exercise.

Instead of eating such meals, consider healthy ones like fresh fruits, proteins, vegetables, and high-fiber foods. These may be beneficial in several ways. For instance:

  • Fiber-rich foods may keep you feeling fuller for longer, reducing the urge to overeat.
  • Fruit and vegetables are thought to have fewer calories and are high in fiber.
  • Proteins might help boost your metabolism, lower your appetite, and maintain muscle mass.

If you find it challenging to create a new meal plan, a dietician could help. They could recommend the best foods depending on your health.

  1. Follow Your Cosmetic Surgeon’s Advice

After your liposuction procedure, your cosmetic surgeon might recommend things that could help you heal smoothly. For example, they might tell you to avoid strenuous activities or move around too much after your procedure. It’s essential to follow these instructions. They might help reduce the risk of developing complications such as blood clots after your surgery and delayed recovery.

The doctor might also offer directions on how to maintain your new shape. It’s best to comply. Don’t be afraid to consult your cosmetic surgeon if you have any questions. Most professionals are often ready to help with any advice that might help ensure your new appearance lasts longer.


Liposuction could help you achieve your desired body shape by eliminating stubborn fat quickly and effectively. However, the procedure might not prevent your body from producing new fat cells. Therefore, if you’ve recently been through this type of surgery, it’s best to ensure that you’re taking the proper steps to prevent regaining the eliminated fat.

In this article, you’ve learned that you can maintain your liposuction results by working out regularly, reducing stress, and drinking more water daily. Eating healthy meals and following your cosmetic surgeon’s recommendations can also help.