Every person is happy to own a car. To have the freedom to commute at your own will and the pace is an absolute delight. However, ownership of an entity brings due responsibility. And if you are not aware of the damage a driver could cause due to sheer ignorance, this article explains how tire malfunctions can cause serious accidents and injuries. Yes! You read it right, what seems like a petty issue can prove pretty fatal. Wondering how? Read on to learn more.

What is a Tire Malfunction?

A tire malfunction, as suggested by the word itself, is any condition that subjects the tire to improper functioning, subjugating the vehicle to an imbalance and often crashes. It can be due to several causes like improper tire inflation, use of tiles beyond their longevity period, striking a pothole, or more. However, while these are more or less due to the negligence of the driver, there’s a case of tread separation where the caused accident could be due to a flaw in tire design or manufacturing. In this case, the victim can claim legal help and seek due compensation from the carmakers or allied tire companies.

What Happens in a Tread Separation?

Tread separation is a case of tire malfunction due to manufacturing or design error. Here the tire tread separates from the casing or tire body, leading to an imbalanced condition, bumping, and often motor crashes. Sometimes, the cause of tread separation can also be due to excessive tire wear or incorrect flat repair, but most often the flaw is from the manufacturing end. This is usually followed by a tire blowout. The impact of this blowout can cause serious injuries.

How Bad Can the Tire Malfunction Injuries Be?

Tire malfunctions can cause critical accidents and injuries. An imbalanced state can lead to complete motor control loss and, consequentially, not only the driver but everyone on the radar around can be subjected to serious injuries. Through tire malfunction, there could be risks of skin wounds or eye damage. Another critical sequence is that of a tire bursting, which leads to severe burns and might need immediate medical assistance.

Who Should Represent the Victim?

While it is critical to establish if the fault that led to the accident has been from the production side, victims can always reach out to personal injury attorneys for legal assistance. The latter is often pursued through a product liability lawsuit.

A product liability lawsuit shall require you to submit enough evidence to support your claim and prove the alleged fault. It shall involve critical aspects like the fact that the flawed product and cause of injury was the defendant’s product or that it was defective at the time it left the possession of the defendant. This is where your personal injury attorney can guide you with the right procedure and ensure that no loopholes are left for the defendant to escape his mistake.

Another approach taken is that of a negligence claim where third parties like mechanics or repair shops can be brought to a trial for their irresponsibility.

Important Take-Away

The fact that tire malfunctions can cause serious accidents and injuries is undoubtedly true. What is hence the responsibility of manufacturers or all parties involved, is to ensure that such negligence is avoided in the end and that lives aren’t put at risk. Meanwhile, victims can always reach out to personal injury lawyers and compensate for their losses by filing a tire defect lawsuit seeking due compensation for any economic or non-economic damages borne.