TrueNose, located in Los Angeles, California, is a new non-surgical nose job treatment that is gaining recognition all around the country. 

Menaka Sampath, the brand’s CEO, founded TrueNose as an aesthetic solution that offers “the best of both worlds” the two worlds being surgical rhinoplasty and non-surgical nose jobs, which have been rising in popularity in recent years.

When Menaka Sampath decided to partner with Dr. Alexander Rivkin as the head of the clinical developmental sector, she knew it was a smart move. Dr. Rivkin, a renowned Yale-educated medical doctor with over 25 years of experience in private practice, is also one of the primary innovators of the non-surgical nose job.

The business methods and strategies that he used to take TrueNose to new heights were commendable. In one of the interviews, Dr. Alexander Z Rivkin said, “I split my time between clinical practice and researching new ways to help patients get great results without having to undergo surgery.” Dr. Rivkin has always believed that, for many patients, there was a simpler, better way to give them the results they desired.

As the nose is a prominent feature of the human face, it can significantly impact a person’s entire appearance.  Concerns about the look of one’s nose vary, but among the top complaints for TrueNose are hooked bridges, scooped bridges, bulbous tips, and drooped tips. Miss Sampath and Dr. Rivkin both understand that for such people, who have already suffered enough from reduced self-esteem, offering a solution that would alleviate their insecurities–without requiring them to go under the knife–would be a gamechanger.

Nobody would contradict that a permanent and straightforward non-surgical job is a far better option than a surgical one that requires a significantly long recovery time and involves higher levels of risk, let alone a higher expense. However, with other non-surgical nose jobs flooding the market, especially in major cities, what sets TrueNose apart?

The answer: it’s permanent. TrueNose is actually a series of two to three treatments: the first being a strategically placed injection of temporary filler, which is reversible (dissolvable); the second, an optional touch-up to make the nose “just right”; and the third treatment, performed roughly 8-10 weeks later, the injection of an FDA-approved permanent filler to set it for life.

TrueNose is also set apart by its unique payment structure, which Ms. Sampath is especially proud to offer. While most injectable treatments are priced by the amount of injectable material used, TrueNose is a fixed cost of $5,760. While that may sound steep to some at first, it should be noted that this amount not only covers all three treatment visits, but is also significantly less expensive than a standard surgical nose job. Ms. Sampath realized that getting access to aesthetic treatments is often cost-prohibitive, so she made it a priority to offer a zero-interest payment plan to prospective patients. As such, qualifying patients can pay for TrueNose in installments of just $160 per month.

TrueNose is also differentiated by its modern approach to booking. Visitors to can take a quick quiz to learn whether they are a good candidate for the procedure. Following this, they can either book a free virtual consultation or reserve their actual appointment, which begins with an in-person consultation. If, after the in-person consultation, the patient decides not to proceed or is deemed by the medical team to be ineligible for the procedure, the patient will not be charged.

If the patient does proceed with the treatment, they can look forward to immediate results, minimal downtime, and improved confidence. They could go straight into a work meeting or a pilates class with no one being the wiser!

The entire TrueNose team is well-trained and courteous to everyone that goes through the clinic’s door, and they have a non-discriminatory policy against the people, whether they are potential clients or not.

TrueNose is steadily rising to new heights with its award-winning customer service and personalized treatment for all of its patients. Getting your non-surgical nose job done from TrueNose will leave you satisfied and happy–for life. TrueNose has definitely reinvented self-care by its clever use of modern technology. 

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