A doctor or medical professional has a certain standard of practice that is their duty towards the patient. When the doctor is not compliant with this medical standard and causes harm to the patient it becomes a case of medical negligence. When such medical negligence takes place against us or our loved ones it can result in a hard and painful time. Atlanta has strict laws against medical malpractice, it is advisable to take appropriate legal action if you are a victim of such a scenario.

Compensation or performance of treatments can be achieved after winning a medical negligence case which can help the patient immensely. Take a look at the actions that you can take if you are a victim of medical malpractice:

Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

An attorney who specializes in a personal injury like medical negligence cases should be pursued. They can evaluate the circumstances and inform you whether you have a case or not and whether a lawsuit should be filed. Proving that the doctor or medical practitioner was negligent in their duty of care is a difficult process. A qualified Atlanta personal injury lawyer can help the patient and their families through the process and maximize the compensation awarded. There is often a statute of limitation on the filing of such cases so make sure to seek a personal injury lawyer fast. Seeking initial advice and consultation from a personal injury lawyer also doesn’t bind you to file a legal case and can help gain insight.

Record Important Details

As seen in case laws, documentation of important details is very crucial in case of medical negligence as they remove any ambiguity. Details such as names of the doctors and nurses, date of visit, frequency of visits, dosages, and medical advice received should be noted in detail and as descriptively as possible. During the lawsuit they will, of course, be of significant use but if you don’t want to file a lawsuit such a record can help you in remembering the details better.

Get Your Medical Records

One of the chief requirements of building a medical negligence case is your medical records. This can help in proving the medical authority’s inattentiveness. A copy of your medical records is your entitlement in most states. This copy should also include x-rays and test reports for a complete overview.

Switch Doctors

Look for another doctor to correct the mistakes of the first one and achieve the correct medical attention that you require. This can save your health from worsening from the first doctor’s mistake. The full extent of your medical harm can be a crucial aspect of your injury case, therefore keeping up with your treatment can be helpful for your legal case too.


Being a medical negligence victim can be a very stressful time for the victim. Here we have summarized a list of steps that you can take if you are a victim of medical negligence. Make sure that you don’t inform your medical practitioner, the hospital, or untrusted sources that you are planning to file a case against them as this can adversely affect your case. Hire a quality personal injury lawyer and let them use their expertise in determining the process of the case.