Medical negligence occurs when healthcare providers operate below the right and acceptable standards, causing patients to suffer avoidable harm. Several patients experience medical negligence, thereby needing the services of medical negligence solicitors.

If you are a victim of medical negligence and are unaware of what these solicitors do and want to get details about them, here are six services to expect from them:

  1. Initial Legal Advice On Medical Negligence

Not every patient is aware when an act of medical negligence is committed. Also, victims of medical negligence may not always know that they are legally entitled to claim compensation.

Medical negligence solicitors can provide patients with the proper understanding of medical negligence. They instruct, suggest, and guide patients on the necessary steps to get compensated. Additionally, they give such victims legal support before and after claims for proper care.

The educative role of a medical negligence solicitor also helps the patient understand that they can bring medical negligence claims against any medical practitioner, not only the doctor. This way, patients can maximize their rights.

  1. Clarifying The Purpose Of Medical Negligence Claims

Congress made medical negligence claims for a reason. Patients will need to understand the basis for the claims before making them.

In most cases, medical negligence claims are to compensate victims and their loved ones for the loss suffered due to the negligence. The compensation serves as rehabilitation support and recovery aid.

So, with the help of a medical negligence solicitor, understanding the purpose helps patients make the most of medical claims. A solicitor will teach them about the process and procedures of making claims and filing for compensation. Consequently, they will be guided in utilizing whatever payment they receive to prevent agreement breaches.


  1. Getting The Appropriate Amount Of Compensation

Patients who win a medical negligence claim may not get enough compensation to cater to the resulting injuries or undergo their rehabilitation. As a result, they cannot get adequate treatment to get back on their feet.

Medical negligence solicitors ensure this doesn’t happen. They aim to get the appropriate compensation to give patients adequate treatment. Without a solicitor, patients may receive settlements below their entitlements and be unable to receive proper care.

  1. Simplifying Claim Process

Making a medical negligence claim is not as easy as it sounds. It is a step-by-step process that can take several weeks, months, or even years. Even when a patient is entitled to compensation, it can take an extended period for the claim to be established and for them to receive due payment.

To adjudge a claim, the courts will consider factors such as the intensity of the injury and available medical evidence. With the skills, knowledge, and experience of a medical negligence solicitor, the patients can ensure that their claim will be handled quickly and that they can receive their compensation on time.

  1. Overseeing Essential Court Proceedings

Court proceedings for a medical negligence case can easily overwhelm a novice. Documentations and presentations will have to comply with legal standards and requirements.

For example, the solicitor must provide a signed Statement of Truth that shows they have complied with their duty and have provided an accurate report. And when questions arise, the solicitor has to be available to answer them at different stages. If the case warrants a court process, the solicitors can make all necessary documents available. In the case of a trial, the solicitors are most likely required to provide pieces of evidence. All these proceedings are supervised and facilitated by the solicitors.

  1. Guiding The Receipt Of Compensation

After the hearing took place and the judge determined the amount of compensation for a claim, what is next is for the patient to receive the reward. Usually, a one-off payment is made.

However, if the patient will need to undergo special care and therapies for an extended period, compensation can be made periodically. This means they may receive some amount as a lump-sum payment while others will come as annual payments. Lump sums usually cater to immediate needs, while periodical payments ensure patients never run out of money for the treatment.

Some of these funds may take a while to be given, especially lump sum payments. But consulting medical negligence solicitors can prevent this. They help ensure compensation continues and victims receive periodic payments until fully paid. In other words, they make patients’ situations and dilemmas theirs.


Many people entrust their lives to the hands of medical professionals daily. While most seem to come out of medical procedures healthier, not everyone is lucky. Medical professionals can sometimes perform below standards to the detriment of their patients’ health. Such actions warrant the services of medical negligence solicitors who help patients make a claim and get adequate compensation.