Have you ever wondered what the difference between a casket and a coffin is? Although caskets and coffins are often used interchangeably, there are some very distinct differences between these two funeral products that you should know about before making your purchase. First off, caskets and coffins differ in size. Most caskets are wider than they are long, while most coffins are longer than they are wide. Caskets are generally larger than coffins to accommodate the body and provide space to hold flowers or other memorial items during the service and final burial rites.

Why buy either one at all?

Most people will die at some point. But what you do after death can make things easier for those who survive you. Some of those decisions involve buying a casket or a coffin for your body to be placed in before burial. Below are some key differences, as well as details that might come into play when you decide to buy either one of these items. Make sure that your family agrees with which style you choose so that everyone understands why it was chosen, along with any restrictions placed on its use.

How to decide if you need a casket or a coffin

Everyone needs to buy a casket at some point in their life, but many people do not know what options are available when it comes to making that purchase. If you do not feel comfortable choosing for yourself, try asking friends or family members for recommendations. Once you have your list of possible suppliers, it will be easier to decide which one will best suit your needs and preferences. Remember that price is not necessarily indicative of quality—do your research and ask questions so you can buy a casket or coffin that fits all of your requirements. Buying an extra-large wooden box may sound silly, but it may make more sense than buying something smaller just because it sounds cool.

Coffins are less expensive than traditional caskets

Caskets are often purchased for their aesthetic value. People who choose to buy a casket also have several options as far as size, design, and material. A typical wooden coffin will run you about $1,500 to $3,000; a high-end solid bronze casket can cost up to $15,000. Coffins usually feature an attached closure that can be buried with you upon death so your loved ones don’t have to open it later.

When you should consider getting a traditional casket

Caskets are used to bury or cremate bodies, whereas coffins are typically used for cremation. Caskets are available in many styles, including glass-sided and wooden models. However, there’s also something known as a body bag that can be used as an alternative to purchasing a casket; like caskets, they’re available in several different sizes and materials (such as plastic). If you opt for a traditional burial, your funeral director will direct you toward the type of container you should use.