Our teeth and smile often have a prominent impact on our personalities. We all want a perfectly aligned smile so that we can flaunt it in front of a camera, right? However, orthodontic issues, such as teeth gap, often make us conscious and think twice before smiling. Traditional metal braces usually make us  think twice before going for a teeth gap treatment as they are quite painful and uncomfortable. 

What if we tell you that transforming your smile without the hassle of conventional metal braces is possible? Sounds amazing, right? The best and most convenient way to fix your teeth gap and get a celeb-like smile is clear aligners. Unlike traditional braces, they are completely removable and do not cause bruises on your cheeks and jaw. Want to know more? Let’s get started! 

How do clear aligners fix your teeth gap?

Clear aligners are a transparent set of plastic trays that are one of the best solutions for teeth gap treatment. Unlike conventional metal braces, which align your teeth by force, clear aligners gently push your gap teeth to the required position, thus aligning your teeth and transforming your smile! They are custom-made and are prepared with the help of a 3D scan of the jaw. 

Why choose clear aligners for fixing your teeth gap?

Clear aligners, or invisible braces for gap teeth, have seen a rise in preference when it comes to teeth gap treatment and transforming your smile. This is because they are super comfortable and do not cause any pain or inconvenience. Are you still wondering why you should go for clear aligners? Well, read on! 

1. They are hardly visible to the naked eye 

Conventional metal braces often make us feel conscious and socially anxious as they are visible to the naked eye, even from afar. This might make us contemplate whether to smile or stand in front of a camera, right? Don’t worry, as clear aligners have got you covered! Clear aligners are almost transparent and aren’t easy to spot! This will make us feel less self-conscious, letting us smile as much as we want! 

2. Comfortable and convenient 

We all love our comfort zone, right? No one likes compromising on comfort, all because they wanted to fix their gap teeth and transform their smile. Clear aligners fix your gap teeth most comfortably and conveniently. Unlike conventional metal braces, which often bruise your cheeks and jaw, clear aligners provide you with a seamless and well-structured teeth gap treatment. 

3. Enjoy your favourite food with no restriction 

We all relish eating our favourite food. How would you feel if all of a sudden someone restricted you from enjoying your favoourite food? Annoying, isn’t it? Well, you are not alone. Conventional metal braces restrict you from eating food items that are hard to chew and crusty as they may harm the metal wires and brackets! On the other hand, clear aligners do not pose any such restrictions as they are completely removable. Thus, you can enjoy your favourite food without being restricted! 

4. Improves your oral health 

Conventional metal braces often makes it challenging to brush and floss as they are completely fixed to your teeth. This may degrade your oral health and increase the chances of oral infections, such as plaque formation, discolouration and yellowing of teeth, cavities, etc. Clear aligners do not hamper your oral health and make it easy for you to brush and floss your teeth. It further works on the betterment of your oral health and lowers the risk of infections in the long run! 

Clear aligners are the most preferred way of teeth gap treatment in today’s time. As we’ve told you why you should go for clear aligners, let us tell you that it is recommended to go for a trusted and reputed brand like toothsi. They are a leading lifestyle and healthcare brand offering the best clear aligners to transform your smile. So, book your online consultation with toothsi and get started with your smile makeover today!