Before you start playing at a brand new online casino, such as this one, for example, it would be very worthwhile to take your time to check out some details about the casino site. You are confident with your money, so they need to disclose some essential information for you! Knowing this information in advance could save you some headaches. Then, you can safely play with Mr Green casino login.

Is the casino licensed?

To be licensed, an online gambling establishment must meet specific standards set in the country where the site is hosted. The fee starts at around $50,000 and is usually valid for at least 2 or 3 years. Unfortunately, it is estimated that about 20% of online casinos do not have licenses. So here is the golden rule: If they are not licensed, don’t play there!

Does it have a good reputation? Does an accounting firm certify the payouts?

A casino that values its good reputation commissions an accounting firm to audit and report on payout percentages., for example, reviews the history of payouts to players by Microgaming and its licensees of casino sites. The statements can usually be read at the gambling sites.

Does a reputable organisation own the casino?

There are watchdogs and just plain dogs; you can trust any of them. Unfortunately, on many occasions, the so-called “watchdog” is nothing more than a gateway from online advertising to a group of gambling establishments. If the watchdog is any good, it will develop a set of best practices that must be followed by all participants, including gambling establishment, software vendors, casinos and online gambling portal sites.

Here are some other things you should check before you start playing:

  • Any online casino should be affiliated with a physical, non-digital development.
  • There should be a self-labelling system to help users evaluate the content of the site.
  • A gambling establishment that intends to succeed in the long term will go to the trouble of building a well-structured site supported by secure software.
  • An accounting company will control it, and it will be licensed.

This type of establishment does not have scammers making profits for its customers. Instead, it is the type of site operated by owners who work honestly and professionally to build trust and popular brand names.