Incontinence is one of the last things anyone wishes to experience. Especially in public, episodes of incontinence can be frustrating and embarrassing. For chronic cases, one may need to adopt a lifestyle change, be prescribed medication, wear a condom catheter, or make other personal changes to treat the issue.

Maintain a healthy weight

When you gain excess weight, it puts too much pressure on your pelvic muscles. It makes it hard to control your pee. Try to lose weight by exercising and choosing healthy dishes. Check how much calorie is present in what you eat before putting it in your mouth. If you look better when in shape, it’s a bonus. Maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging as you get older, but you can do it. While you can find a renewed line of solutions for incontinence, it’s better to pursue ways to prevent the problem before it begins.

Exercise more often

Exercising can help you reduce weight. It also makes you fit and healthy, not to mention how it boosts your immune system to avoid illnesses. Exercising also makes you in control of your body, which is essential to prevent urinary incontinence. Make sure you don’t lift heavy weights to prevent added pressure. You must also choose low-impact exercises such as jogging and Pilates. You can strengthen your core without exerting too much effort. Practice pelvic floor exercises too. They’re most effective in preventing this illness.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

If you’re still drinking coffee and alcoholic beverages, make sure you stop. Acidic foods are also a big no. They’re irritating to your bladder and may worsen the problem. Besides, you can also let go of other potential health issues caused by alcohol and caffeine consumption. It might be challenging at first, but you can do it.

Don’t smoke

Smoking can be terrible for your health. Make sure that you stop smoking right away. It’s not even about preventing urinary incontinence only. You must also quit smoking to avoid experiencing other health problems. Smoking does nothing good to your health, and it’s best to stop doing it.

Don’t hold your pee

Holding your pee in is something that you should avoid because it can lead to other health issues, not just urinary incontinence. When you feel the need to urinate, go to the toilet at once. You can prevent the onset of urinary incontinence by urinating every three to four hours. Do not make it a habit to hold urine in your bladder because this can weaken its muscles.

Stay hydrated

Instead of drinking alcoholic beverages and coffee, bring a bottle of water wherever you go. It helps you stay hydrated. It also eliminates toxins in your body. Once you satisfy your thirst, you won’t search for other options anymore.

Consider these tips even if you believe you’re still too young. Urinary incontinence doesn’t only affect the elderly. Sure, it’s more common among the older population, but you can’t be complacent. You might also suffer from this illness if you don’t change your lifestyle. Again, the lack of bladder control can be embarrassing. If this problem strikes, you don’t want to be in the middle of work or a public area.