The turn of the 21st century brought a boom in technology to almost every industry across the globe, empowering businesses to achieve miraculous results that were unimaginable fifty years ago. Not only has the dental implant industry seen major advancements in the way cases are approached and treated, but the supply chain has taken a swing in the technological direction, too. What dental professionals seek out in their dental implant supply company is rapidly evolving, and many industry representatives are stretching for new solutions to maintain their client base in a market where unprecedented growth (especially in developing countries) paired with virtual webshops has created competition that is difficult to match in many ways.

What do clients look for in their dental implant supply company?

With an increasing sense of feeling busy and having minimal free time, many dental professionals seek out a dental implants products supply house that will save time. With the vast range of dental implant systems on today’s market, that often means a single supply house offering components from multiple implant systems. This is especially crucial given that many dental practices are employing two or three implant systems to accommodate the diversity of edentulous cases they treat. Client feedback from award-winning dental implant supply companies has shown important qualities that clients seek out to be: a high quality of customer service, rewards programs that offer exclusive service discounts and promotions to members, and continuing education opportunities through webinars and other resources.

The rise of the dental implants online shop

In recent years the industry has seen a surge of dental implant shops online, where rather than ordering through a representative, dental professionals can go to order all of their supplies directly. Thus, along with the qualities that clients seek from their dental implant supplier, high quality shipping has been added to the list – meaning fast and free. The rush of the work environment has even brought about demand for expedited next-morning shipping so that last minute needs for next day surgeries can be met to keep dental offices in a seamless flow of efficiency.

The next step: online dental implant suppliers that manufacture their own product

The original business model of dental implant companies was to manufacture all components of their implant systems, as well as CAD/CAM components and libraries, in a way that they could be used only with their systems and no others. This locked clients into that dental implant system with little wiggle room, and choosing between one implant system or another was a large commitment to a single company. While some companies let this model fall to the wayside, many industry professionals took on one or several more implant systems in their offices to provide alternatives for more trying edentulous cases.

This is when the competition swooped in. After a single dental implants online shop had the idea to begin manufacturing its own products, the market changed dramatically. The concept of a company that manufactures high-quality dental implant supplies that compete with the market’s leading systems and then sells their products online shook the status quo. Now dental implant professionals are able to purchase their supplies directly from a manufacturer that offers a range of options compatible with all of the market’s implant systems, both simplifying the ordering process and saving a lot of time.

Where will the market go from here? We’re keeping our ear to the ground for the next innovation that will rock the supply chain.