Surfing is an exciting and beloved beach activity that many people have been enjoying for centuries. One of the reasons why surfing is so popular is because it offers several health benefits physically and mentally. Now if you dream of surfing rather than just soaking up on the beach, learning the sport can be intimidating. 

When you are starting to learn how to surf there are several things you should learn. Even though it may seem like an impossible task, with the right guidance you will be able to surf waves in no time. If you want to learn about surfing, Ombe has a great resource of guides, tips, and hacks that will help you learn the sport easily. 

While these guides are great to help you improve your surfing techniques. Learning from a professional or surf trainer is a more enjoyable solution as they will teach you the right way to surf. Before you begin there are several things that you need to know:

Choose Surfboard 

It is obvious that without a surfboard you cannot surf. It is one of the first essentials that you need before you hit the waters. Surfboards come in different shapes and sizes that are suitable for different types of surfers. As a beginner choosing the right one can be confusing as there are a plethora of options to choose from. However, newbies should always use a longboard as it gives you more space to find your balance and ride your wave. As your surfing improves you can buy a more advanced board to match your ability. 

Surf Gear 

Now that you have chosen your surfboard, you must also look for essential surfing gear that will help you enjoy your dream wave. These essentials will not only enhance your experience when in the water but also protect you from unwanted situations. When you are at the beach you will notice many advanced surfers equipped with different surfing gears. Some of the essentials are a wetsuit, surf wax, leash, sunscreen, and fins that are attached to your board. 

Surf Lessons 

Taking surf lessons is the best option if you are looking to improve your surfing. Today there are several courses or surf programs that teach you a variety of surfing skills, techniques, and even hacks that will allow you to perfect the sport. Surfing can be a bit challenging but many learn surfing quite quickly when trained correctly. Another great way to learn how to surf is by taking lessons from professional surfers as their experience can help you improve your surfing skills. 

Surfing Etiquette 

Before you head into the water you must be aware of all the surfing etiquettes. These etiquettes will help you have a more enjoyable experience and also help you avoid getting into an accident or injury. These etiquettes are more like unwritten guidelines that every surfer follows. Following these guidelines will also help you gain respect from surfers around and also reduce the chances of having bad blood with the locals. Some of the rules are no snaking, don’t drop in other surfers, waiting for your turn, understanding the right of way, and so on. 

Stay Fit 

Surfing is a popular sports activity but it is also a physically demanding sport. So if you want to learn how to surf you need to stay fit as it requires a lot of strength to balance on the board. Even though a wave will last only for 15-20 seconds you need your body strength to surf your board longer and balance better. Another reason why you need to stay fit is that waves are very unpredictable and oftentimes you need to paddle from one place to another so you can surf your waves. Looking for ways to lose weight, these simple tips will help you lose weight easily.

Know Your Waves 

The ocean is a dangerous place as it is quite unpredictable. Surfers from all around the world are always in search of different waves. There are different types of waves in the world that are suitable for different kinds of surfers. As a beginner, you must learn to identify the right wave because if you try to surf the wrong wave it can do you a lot of harm. That’s why you must learn the different waves so that you can have a pleasant surfing experience. 


When learning to surf there are several things you need to be aware of before you start surfing. In this basic guide, you will learn some of the essentials that every beginner should know as they will stay with them for years to come. If you love the beaches, Santa Cruz has some of the most beautiful beaches where you can spend time and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.