Hair loss is common in men and also women and for those who know it’s their genetics causing balding, a hair transplant can be the best option. If your hair loss is down to medication or stress, you might be able to start growing your hair back in the future. However, for some, hair loss is inevitable and here are 3 reasons to go abroad for your hair transplant…

1. It will be much cheaper and save your money

Leaving the UK and flying to a cheaper country to get your hair transplant is recommended. Going to Turkey is approximately 70% less than getting your hair transplant in the UK and the surgeons are just as good, if not better. You can find reviews of well established companies that specialise in hair transplant in Turkey. Making Turkey an even more tempting option is the range of luxury hotels and cheap packages that can be enjoyed before having your transplant. However, if you end up going for luxury accommodation and expensive flights, your hair transplant abroad could actually turn out more expensive than if you stay in the UK and get it.

2. Hair transplants are low risk

The fact that hair transplants are relatively low risk gives you more of a reason to book yours abroad. It is very unlikely that you will have problems after your transplant and you can organise to fly back a few days after the procedure anyway. Turkey isn’t too far from the UK, so it is only a short flight back home if you did want to quickly get back. It’s more likely to have infections or problems a few weeks after the transplant when you are back at home, and this will only happen if you don’t follow after care properly. Your surgeon will give you instructions for after care and tell you exactly what to avoid after the operation, it will be things like don’t wash your hair.

3. You can make it into a holiday

Why not book a 5 star hotel if you have the budget and indulge in some proper relaxation before you get your hair transplant? Going into your procedure relaxed and ready is the best way to do it. You will be able to make a faster recovery if you keep your stress levels down and focus on some time for yourself before the operation. Turkey in particular has great beaches, hotels, sunshine, delicious food and an exciting culture to explore. Making your trip into a holiday also means you can bring your family along or partner.

So, depending on when you want your hair transplant, you can start looking to book your procedure in Turkey or a European country of your choice. The fact you will only need one hair transplant in your life is enough motivation to book it in as soon as possible. You will feel like a new person after your transplant, and people who have completed the procedure say they will never look back! There are lots of reviews online if you want to check what others are saying.