According to the CDC or the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 25% of people aged 65 and more suffer a fall every year. A fall can create severe head injury, a broken bone, hip fractures, and more. While you cannot prevent the mishap, an urgent action like delivering quick medical support can help. A device that offers such assistance has become critical in today’s time to ensure an enhanced level of safety when your loved one is alone in the home or outside.

A medical alert system is a life-saving device that assures the safety of the seniors and peace of mind to the family members. By using the device, the people who stay alone and have health concerns can remain confident and enjoy their independence.

Here is what you need to know about the medical alert system.

What is it?

A medical alert system is a device that permits the elderly to remain independent and overcome injuries and falls. It is also called a personal emergency response system PERS. It has a fall detection system and GPS. It is small and lightweight in make, assuring it is comfortable to wear. The best medical alert device comes with buttons for power off, low battery, and dispatch.

How does it work?

The senior can wear the medical alert system around the neck or wrist. In the case of an emergency, the user can push the help button on the pendant. The controller will send a distress signal to the specialist. The specialist then sends the emergency healthcare expert to the deceased home. The specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the users can always speak to the live agents.

The medical alert device has a powerful speaker button that allows the user to hear the specialist and answer the call. A light button also indicates that the call is on and when he needs to charge the pendant. The user can directly speak to the expert and ask for emergency help by using the call button. Some makers also equip microphones in the medical alert device so that the senior can speak with the specialist or the loved one for any assistance. The fall detection button automatically connects the user to the specialist by detecting the location through GPS and WIFI technology.

Most Medical Alert Systems use GPS technology or a Global Positioning System. It is a radio navigation system that pinpoints the correct geographic location of the user. The space-based navigation technology syncs to these devices and provides the accurate live area of the senior.

Do you need a Medical Alert System?

A medical alert system is a perfect investment for people who live alone, irrespective of their health condition. This device adds protection and covers the senior in the case of an emergency. Also, you must own this device if you:

  • wish to remain independent and want a level of security.
  • have a fear of falling at home.
  • have poor eyesight.
  • have conditions like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, diabetes, heart history, and dementia.
  • recovering from a health condition, like surgery, etc.
  • take medication that makes you dizzy and sleepy.

What are the benefits?

A medical alert system offers many benefits. The top advantages of this device are listed below.

Peace of mind

This device ensures peace of mind to the elderly and their loved ones by keeping you safe and protected. There are other ways by which you can take care of elderlies at your home.

Enjoy independence

The seniors can enjoy their life at home and outside and maintain their regular activities such as walking in the park, doing household work, shopping in the street, and more. Wearing this device makes the elderly independent and confident. They can live comfortably, and there is no need to depend on a person who can keep a check on them regularly.

Emergency Assistance

One of the best reasons to wear a Medical Alert Device is the rapid response from the health care team. In the case of falling and other health emergencies, you will receive immediate care and support. 

Easy to wear

Some people think that continuous wearing of the gadget on their bodies will result in displeasure and discomfort. In that case, it is time to know that a medical alert device is extremely light and comfortable to wear.

Easy to use

The device is effortless to use. It offers an easy setup. Also, in the case of an accident, the senior needs to push an emergency help button. It is easily traceable even in the dark. The system creates a rapid response to falls and many types of health emergencies.

Immediate help

If the senior relies on the mobile phone in an emergency, the phone is often not available and within reach. Wearable devices offer better availability, and they can immediately press the button at any time, even when they are in the washroom.

24*7 Assistance

The medical alert systems offer all day and night protection. Since the device uses GPS technology for location details, help can reach the user anywhere. The makers provide emergency assistance whenever and wherever needed at all times during night and day. You can speak to the expert emergency staff through 2-way voice communication.


A medical alert system makes you feel confident that there is someone available for help at the time. You feel better to know that you are safe even when alone. The access to emergency assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is an emotional booster.


Many users wonder whether they would afford the system or not. The service providers offer this critical device at an economical price so that most seniors can afford them. 

Long-lasting battery

One of the best things about the medical alert system is that it runs on long-lasting batteries to provide ongoing and reliable assistance at all times.


Most of the best alert devices are waterproof or water-resistant. So, the elderly can take a bath while wearing the device.


A medical alert system is a wise investment as it can care for all your healthcare needs. This valuable system offers you 24*7 support, peace of mind, and quick service. In an emergency, this system will keep you safe and protected with just one push of a button. The call feature in the device allows clear user audio. The senior can hear all the emergency care instructions, and the live agents remain with you online until the team of first responders arrives at your place.

It does its best to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved senior family member. They generate urgent attention in the devastating accidents and falls. Through this medical alert equipment, you can assure that the family member gets help as quickly as possible and timely treatment. Providing the senior with the medical alert system must be at the top of your priority checklist.