Stress enables your body to respond quickly when faced with threatening or dangerous circumstances. But sometimes, when stress becomes too overwhelming, it can take a toll on your wellbeing, especially your mental health. Soon, you may become easily irritable, anxious, or worse; it may lead to depression. While stress is unavoidable, thankfully, there are a few techniques you can practice to help you handle and relieve stress healthily.  

Here are ten simple techniques you can follow to relieve stress.   

  • Enjoy A Cup Of Tea 

Perhaps you are too busy and stressed at work that you almost have no time for yourself. Why don’t you slow down and enjoy a quick tea break? Grab a cup of green tea rich in L-Theanine, which helps relieve anger and other stressful feelings. To further enhance the experience, you could add a few drops of Naysa CBD oil or other brands, known to ease stress and improve relaxation.   

  • Listen To Music 

No matter what type of music you like, listening and singing along to your favorite tunes can quickly help dissipate your stress levels and elevate your moods. After a stressful day at work, make sure to put on your headset or ear pods and let those songs relieve your stress. You can also play classical music at night to help you relax and sleep faster. 

  • Take A Walk 

If you feel like everything seems too much to handle, give yourself some alone time by taking a walk somewhere quiet and peaceful. It can be at a park, in the woods, or by the seashore. Taking a walk will not only be beneficial for your physical health, but it’s also an excellent way to gather and rearrange your thoughts and relieve stress.  

  • Be Under The Sun 

When the sun’s up, and the weather’s fine outdoors, use this time to head outside and enjoy a few minutes of sun exposure. The sunlight is known to easily cheer you up, lift your spirits, and put you in a better mood. Your body can also absorb more vitamin D from the sun if you step outdoors during midday. Just make sure not to stay out under the sun too long to avoid sunburn and possible skin dehydration. 

  • Indulge In Self-Massages 

If the process of booking an appointment or traveling to a spa center seems tedious and stressful for you, you can always indulge in self-massages. While you can do hand massages, perhaps you may want to consider using handheld massagers like a massage gun. It’ll be easier for you to target those hard-to-reach areas and repetitively massage them until you feel relaxed and stress-free. 

  •  Cuddle With Your Furry Friend 

After a rough day, call out your furry friend and spend more time with him. Whether you have a rabbit, cat, or dog, cuddling with your pets can help ease down your stress levels and boost your moods. Their presence and warmth against your body can even ease your feelings of worry against being socially rejected.  

  • Eat Chocolate 

Eating chocolate also has its own set of pros and cons. Even a small square of dark chocolate is enough to regulate your stress levels, calm your nerves, and stabilize your metabolism. So, if you’re constantly stressed out at work, consider taking a small bar of chocolate with you at your office desk but make sure to eat moderately. Devouring too much could damage your teeth and even lead to overeating issues.  

  • Do Yoga Or Meditate 

Yoga is already known to bring numerous benefits, and one of them is to relieve stress. Suppose you haven’t done it before and are interested in doing so. In that case, you can check some yoga tutorials or attend online yoga classes and start incorporating this habit into your lifestyle. 

If not yoga, you can also start meditating at least once or twice a day every five minutes. You only need to find a quiet place, sit still, focus on your breathing, and let those stressful thoughts and emotions escape your body.  

  • Laugh 

One of the best ways to kick off stress is laughter. You don’t need to find a funny person to laugh at. You can watch some hilarious movies or videos online, read a funny comic book, or listen to a comedy podcast and enjoy some fits of laughter. 

  • Talk To Someone Trustworthy 

If some problems or issues have been stressing you too much, it will help to talk about it and pour out your feelings to a trustworthy buddy. It can be your partner, best friend, parent, sibling, or anyone else as long as you’re sure that person is an attentive listener that won’t judge you or gossip about your problems behind your back. Talking about things that stress you can help ease your worries and make you feel better.  

Key Takeaway 

Stress is inevitable, but the good news is, you can reduce it through these simple techniques. So, whenever you’re feeling stressed at work or in your personal life, acknowledge it and try out one or more of these techniques to help you manage and recover from it.