Doctors said that proper use of gloves and masks is essential for protecting against coronavirus infections. Proper quality gloves can be made only by a few companies. Medrux Gloves are considered the best in the industry. You should be aware of the guidelines for selecting and using gloves, even if you are wearing them only for “formal“ purposes.

Where is it important to wear masks and gloves?

You must wear a mask and gloves in public areas such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and public transport, especially the metro. If the social distance is not possible, these additional safeguards will help protect our population against the coronavirus.

It is tough to enforce a 1.5-meter separation in public transportation, so masks and especially gloves are needed.

Although everyone agrees that a mask is necessary, some have concerns about gloves. How effective are they?

Regarding gloves, this is an additional way to prevent the spread of covid disease. It is important to remember that you should know the correct procedures of putting on and taking off gloves.

Is a life jacket that is not adequately inflated effective? No. If the recommended time and dosage are not adhered to, can drugs prescribed by doctors be considered helpful? No. The same applies to personal protection equipment. If gloves and masks aren’t used correctly, they will not be effective.

What are the basic principles?

If we’re using a mask, for example, the iron wire should be on top. Put a mask on to cover your nose and mouth. Adjust the wire to fit the shape of the nose. Only after doing all these procedures, you can enter public places. How do we remove the mask? It is wrong to remove the mask by placing five fingers on the outer surface because the surface is contaminated. This way, you are going to easily infect yourself. In theory, if it happens, it is best to wash your hands as soon as possible. To properly remove the mask, you have to touch only its loops.

If you have a multi-use mask, you can put it in a bag and transport it back home to wash it afterward. It would be best if you changed your mask every time you went to the shop. If it’s a knit mask, you should have three to five for one day. Next, wash the masks and then re-wear them the next day. Wash your hands well after removing the mask. You can also use an antiseptic to treat them. Nowadays, it is not a problem because antiseptics can be found everywhere.

It is necessary to keep pathogens from getting into the glove. In other words: bacteria can thrive in a moist, dark, and warm environment if we don’t wash our hands. People with predisposed skin conditions, such as those prone to skin diseases, can also be susceptible to skin ailments.

The mask can’t be worn on the chin or under the nose. It must protect the upper respiratory tracts (i.e., seal the ways that lead to the upper and lower respiratory tracts. Therefore wearing a mask on chin or under nose is entirely wrong.