How to ask a girl you are absolutely fond of out for the first time and don’t hear her “no”? Well, there are a few matters that have an impact on your potential girlfriend’s answer. What you need to do is follow our recommendations – they will help you to avoid her rejection. 

It should be mentioned that our tips are universal and work equally good in all online dating types. Simply said, you can use them in flirting with Russian brides on or chatting with ladies from your country. So, where to start, then? With general rules, of course!

Represent yourself as a well-mannered person. 

Communicate with the girl nicely and politely. Make her think you are a true gentleman, a kind of James Bond. This would be the perfect basis for her trust and awakens the desire to know you better.

Do not hurry. 

Don’t offer to meet until you know each other well enough and chat for a while. It is necessary to give rise to mutual understanding – experiencing it, the girl will agree to your invitation with a greater probability.

Make a plan. 

Where will you go, what will you do, what will you talk about – it is significant to consider all these matters. If you are a talkative person, chats during the date won’t be a problem, though. The first two points, however, should be planned in advance to avoid awkwardness.

Choose the correct wording. 

Since, using Internet communication ways, you receive an answer immediately, it is essential to say something that does not kill all previous efforts. In the best case, it ought to persuade the girl to agree to go out with you. We will help you with the wording – just keep on reading. 

Don’t be pushy. 

If a girl has doubts, you need to ask what exactly disturbs her and convince her of the harmlessness and safety of your offer. But you should not just keep on trying steadily: this will assure the lady that she shouldn’t meet you offline.

Okay then, as we have promised – the next point we will discuss is the correct wording. To be more concrete, we want to divide it into three categories. They all are equally good. You, therefore, can choose the one you like more.

1. Surprises

Little secrets can be very captivating, didn’t you know that? Here are the examples:

  • Today I have discovered a place that you will definitely like. I can’t say where it is, but I can show you. When are you free?
  • You were interested in (a subject your conversationalist mentioned). I have found out something really exciting about it! I can tell you over a cup of coffee if you like. Let’s meet tomorrow at seven o’clock? 

2. Compliments

Tell the girl something nice, but not about her appearance! Focus your attention on her inner world and interests. Then – offer something related to her hobbies and leisure activities.

  • You’re the only person I know who loves horror movies as much as I do! Shall we go to the cinema for the new horror movie created by Guillermo del Toro together? 
  • You are so good at art! It’s not my strong suit, but I want to visit a new exhibition in the gallery tomorrow. Will you keep me company? 

3. Quests

The principle of this method is that the girl needs to do something to receive the invitation. For example, you can offer your lady to play an online game with you. But you need to let her win. Then, write her a message like, “The victory is yours! But can I, as today’s loser, gain the opportunity to ask you to go out with me?”