In this era of medicine and technology, many people tend to forget that accidents can happen even in the workplace. However, that shouldn’t be the case. 

According to experts, it’s crucial for every organization to place importance on occupational first aid training. This is because it leaves the team prepared for even the worse cases and reduces costs of medical treatment while reducing the chances of absenteeism at work. 

Occupational first aid (OFA) helps validate your business by showing concern for the safety of employees, which will make them feel safe when they are at their working stations. Without saying much, this article will share some of the advantages first aid training offers. 

  1.  Saves Lives 

In many instances, lives are lost because people neither know how to give first aid nor fail to perform the right techniques. Remember, every second counts when it comes to saving a life. 

One fantastic thing about training your employees in first aid is that they will know exactly what to do if they get injured or a colleague sustains an injury while at work. This means the more people you have with a first aid certification, the better equipped your workplace will be in an emergency.  

The training comes in different levels. OFA offers four levels of certification. The first level is called Standard, followed by Bronze, Silver, and finally Gold. For many organizations, occupational first aid level 2 is the minimum requirement for a certified OFA trainer to train other employees. 

This level of training covers various topics, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), emergency management, and different first aid procedures. With OFA training, you can be sure that your organization will have a well-equipped first aid team to deal with an emergency. 

  •  Creates A Safe Workplace 

In addition to handling the injuries when they occur, first aid training teaches people how to avoid accidents in the first place. OFA first aid training courses are focused on using correct procedures to prevent further accidents. 

OFA professionals train people how to handle injuries but also teach them ways that they can ensure the safety of their employees or co-workers. For example, the training programs teach people essential things like proper lifting techniques and how you should never move an injured person unless it’s necessary. 

  •  Saves Time 

In the event of an injury, a lot of time could be lost if there is no first aid training in the workplace. You don’t have to put all the work on hold because one member has sustained an injury. 

With the entire crew having the necessary skills to handle an emergency, you can have two or three people attending to the injured while the rest of the team can continue with their work. This is a lot more time-efficient than having to halt everyone’s tasks just so one person can be attended to. 

Another thing to note is that the injured person will likely recover fast and resume their work with proper first aid, which is essentially the aim of OFA. A lot of time could also be saved if you don’t have to hire someone new or train a worker on your team because they are currently working at less than 100%. 

  • Lowers Business Cost 

How much money is lost dealing with injuries at work? It’s a question that many companies don’t know the answer to, but studies have shown that it can be pretty substantial. OFA-approved first aid training is one of the most important investments you can make for your company. 

Training staff in OFA certification gives them a better understanding of workplace safety requirements. It provides them with hands-on experience, so they know what to do should an accident happen at work or elsewhere. 

Knowing how to provide treatment will lower business costs by reducing absenteeism, cutting insurance premiums, and saving money through lost-time accidents, ultimately reducing compensation claims. 

Training in OFA certification will also help your staff become a better team, as communication and trust between employees are essential to providing the best treatment possible.  

2. Boosts The Employees’ Morale 

How does it feel working for a company that doesn’t care about your health or safety? Not good, right? First aid training in the workplace is one of the best ways to boost morale among employees. They’ll know you’re committed to their wellbeing and are taking every necessary step towards keeping them safe at all times. 

If employees are trained in first aid, they’ll feel more comfortable approaching you with any concerns or problems. They will know that whatever issues are brought up to your attention have the potential of being fixed without sacrificing their health and wellbeing. 

First Aid training can also effectively boost morale among existing employees by giving them a refresher course on current workplace policies. This is especially useful for new hires who may not be aware of standard procedures for reporting accidents at work. 

  •  The Skills Gathered Can Be Applied Outside Work 

It’s important to note that accidents don’t occur at work alone. Many people are injured when they walk outside of the workplace. Acquiring first aid training will allow you to help someone in need regardless of where they might be. OFA skills are instrumental outside the workplace, so everyone needs to learn these critical lifesaving techniques. 

3. It’s an Opportunity To Learn New Skills 

Knowledge is power, and by continuing to learn new skills, you are empowering yourself. One benefit of training first aid at the workplace is that it equips one with skills they can use in the future.  

The OFA course teaches the relevant skills and knowledge to perform first aid when needed most, with confidence and expertise. Training ensures you have all the necessary tools at your disposal if someone needs help immediately! 

First Aid training also provides an excellent opportunity for networking and meeting new people who share common interests – this way, it’s always nice to have a group of friends around, just in case any emergency strikes unexpectedly! 

4. Boosts Confidence 

There is nothing as good as knowing that you’ve got the skills to save someone’s life. This is something that OFA training can provide, and it’s a valuable thing to have. OFA courses also give trainees the chance to gain more confidence in their skills by practicing realistic manikins, which helps them stay calm when faced with an actual emergency. 

  • The Training Can Be Offered At Your Pace 

Some companies prefer to offer the training to new employees on the job, or during their first few weeks. Others make it an annual refresher course. Workplaces with many new employees may consider offering the training on-site and for free to their workers. 

Whether you choose to train new employees or offer annual refresher courses, your company should make it easy for people to access OFA training. It can be provided during regular business hours, but there are also OFA courses available online at the convenience of your employees. 

  • Trains Workers On How To Respond To Emergencies 

How your team responds to emergencies can be the difference between life and death. OFA training trains workers to respond to emergencies by teaching them what they need to do if a worker is unconscious, bleeding, or has stopped breathing. 

OFA’s course also includes CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) training. You don’t want your place of work to get chaotic whenever a minor accident occurs. With a trained team around, you can help create a calm and organized environment which will lead to a positive outcome.  

5. Occupational Safety And Health Administration Regulations 

It’s a requirement for most workplaces to have trained first aid providers, but it’s also a good idea for your company. By training your team, you’re ensuring that they know exactly what to do in an emergency. 

This is a great way to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, and it’s also crucial for protecting your employees from negligence charges if someone gets hurt on the job. 

  • Lowers The Insurance Premiums 

Insurance is an essential concept in the workplace. It covers company assets, employees, and third parties affected by accidents at work. Workers’ compensation insurance is compulsory in many countries, including Australia. 

This type of insurance costs money to cover employees if they are injured while on duty or during employment hours – regardless of whether it was their fault or not. OFA training can reduce the cost of premiums because OFAs will have a higher chance of saving someone’s life before professional medical help arrives on the scene, which saves time too! 

The faster that someone receives treatment after being injured, the less likely they are to suffer from permanent damage caused by blood loss, for example. As these injuries don’t need long-term hospital stays, there is no need for workers’ compensation payouts. 

When OFAs are fully qualified, the company will be eligible for significant premium discounts that can mean considerable savings in insurance costs each year. OFA training is not just about saving lives but saves money if done correctly and according to OSHA regulations. 

  • Offers Peace Of Mind 

Running a company can be stressful for many individuals. There are so many tasks and responsibilities to take care of, not to mention the financial burden placed upon business owners. However, when it comes down to a difficult situation, there is no time for worry or panic.  

Having OFA training in-house can help ease that stress by providing your employees with the knowledge they need before an emergency strike, giving them peace of mind knowing that they have been trained right where they work. 

OFA pieces of training offer basic CPR certification and first aid training, which provides individuals with practical skills on how to deal with accidents and injuries while also exploring the possible legal issues surrounding workplace safety. 

6. Better Job Security  

Another benefit of first aid training in the workplace is that it gives employees a better chance of getting job security. There are many things that employers often look out for when hiring employees. 

One of those things is whether or not they have had first aid training in the past. The more skills you can apply to a job, the better your chances of getting hired will be as opposed to another candidate who does not have any prior experience with it. 

In addition, if an accident were to happen on-site and someone needed immediate medical attention, having trained staff would put people’s minds at ease knowing there is someone reliable who could help out immediately. 

OFA certification shows employers that your employees are serious about their work and committed to providing for you, giving them more reason to keep these workers on staff or hire new ones if someone leaves.  

7. Reduces Accidents At Workplace 

Workplace accidents can happen at any moment, but it’s crucial to have a plan in order to deal with them. Training OFA reduces the risk of accidents occurring and ensures employees know what they should do if an accident were to happen and how best to respond until first responders arrive on site. 

  • Ensures Proper Use Of First Aid Kits 

First aid kits are an essential tool for any workplace, but they must be adequately maintained and up-to-date. Without knowledge, the chances are that the kit will be misused. Often, the incorrect use of the kit can make the situation worse.  

The fantastic thing about training first aid at the workplace is that you and your staff know how to use the first aid kit. First aid training ensures they know exactly what steps need to be followed when a situation arises. Besides, you’ll know exactly what’s in the kit and how to replace anything that’s missing.  

Parting Shot 

First aid training is an important area that every company should consider investing in. As explained above, many benefits come with having first aid training in the workplace. If your workplace is yet to bring up this topic, you should initiate. Not only will this help keep your employees safe, but it could save a life. 

Getting a qualified trainer should also come in handy. By doing so, you’ll be able to get the best out of your employees and keep them safe at all times.