As time goes on and the years fly past, many people look for ways to stop or slow their bodies from aging. As we get older, we are more susceptible to disease, we have more aches and pains, and our skin can sag and get wrinkled. 

While we can’t turn back the clock, we can slow it down with certain beneficial behaviors. One of the best things we can do is consume foods high in Fisetin. It sounds too simple to be accurate, but fortunately for all of us, it is. Here is a quick guide to how Fisetin (a powerful antioxidant) is a powerful anti-aging weapon. 


When you age, your cells start to break down and not operate as effectively as they used to. A big reason for this is a process known as senescence. This is when your cells can no longer divide properly. If the cell doesn’t divide, it signals your body that there is inflammation, and your immune system can take over and remove the improperly working cell. However, when you age, your immune system loses its effectiveness and starts to have trouble removing those inflamed, damaged, and worn-down cells. 

Senolytics are substances that help your body remove those damaged cells—keeping your body healthier and increasing your longevity. Trials with mice have shown that senelytics can prolong their lifespan by almost 24 percent. The concept is the same for humans, meaning that you can get life-extending benefits as well. It does not matter if you are already an older adult; you can still benefit from senolytics. 

Where to Get Senolytics

Here is the best part: ingesting senolytics is easy. There is no need for needles or invasive procedures to look and feel younger. A simple change in your diet can do the trick for you. In a study conducted by Mayo Clinic, they found strawberries, apples, and cucumbers to contain fisten, a senolytic that has shown the most effectiveness in reducing the levels of senescent. If you struggle to implement these foods in your diet, you can consider taking senolytic supplements, providing a more direct path into your cells than digesting food does. 

Inflammation and Degeneration

The cause of all of the signs of aging is degeneration. Our cells degenerate, which leads to weakness and disease. Inflammation is a sign of decline. When you are young, inflammation is an essential immune response that manifests in several ways, such as fever. However, when you get older, inflammation of any kind can become chronic, which wears down cells, damages tissue, and causes degeneration. 

Senolytics can prevent inflammation from becoming chronic. While they are meant to remove senescent cells, they also eliminate the brain’s signal that an inflammatory response is needed. Therefore, inflammation cannot become chronic, healthy cells won’t get worn out, and tissue can be preserved. As a result, your body will feel healthier and have more energy regularly. 

You can get all of these benefits without the need for any toxic ingredients or invasive interventions. Whether you choose to ingest senolytics through your food or supplements, it’s perfectly safe, natural, and non-toxic. 

Getting older is no fun for anyone. As the years go by, you can experience many unpleasant ailments, such as fatigue, aches, and stiffness. You are also more at risk from heart disease, brain conditions, and degenerative issues. However, the lucky thing is that you can take steps to age more gracefully and slow down the effects of aging. All you need to do is add some important compounds to your diet. Strawberries and apples provide powerful senolytics to help fight cell degeneration, but supplements will do the job just as well or better.