For many people, exercise is just one more way to remain healthy and fit. Regular physical activity provides many benefits for all ages, and it’s never too late to start. Some may wonder how to stay motivated when they reach their golden age.

Seniors can also enjoy great perks of regular training adapted to their health condition and form. The elderly have a higher risk of falls, so the regular workout can improve their coordination and balance. As an added benefit, it can even reduce the incidence of osteoporosis. Also, seniors are more likely to enjoy social activities when they work out.

Older people can be in excellent shape and be proof that age is just a number. Still, that doesn’t mean they can do all the exercises as young people or use the equipment in the gym with a heavy load. Of course, no one can forbid them to do that, but there are certain functional limitations that come with aging. So, seniors should choose equipment and workout programs adapted to their physics.

There are many options for exercise equipments for seniors, but there is no set standard how it should look like. It has to be joint-friendly, safe, and comfortable, which is usually the case with most devices used in a home or professional gyms.

Exercise Bike

Cycling provides a great cardio workout with minimal risk of injuries. It’s a beneficial activity for seniors suffering from musculoskeletal and joint problems. But regular bikes or gym bikes can be quite uncomfortable and unsafe for seniors.

A piece of solid exercise equipment for the elderly is a recumbent bike that allows them to adjust the resistance as needed. This bike’s seat is well-padded and placed to provide maximum comfort for exercisers. Some models will enable the user to sit upright or recumbent. That reduces the load on the legs.

This equipment can even be adjusted to provide arm and upper body workouts. Weighted pedals have excellent foot support and reduce injury risks. Some models offer a heart rate and calorie counter monitor, so exercisers can follow how hard they’re exercising.

Wrist Weights

Exercise equipment for elderly people doesn’t have to be complex at all. Sometimes, a simple pair of wrist weights will do the trick. The point is in doing exercise adapted to people with lower flexibility and some movement limitations.

Adjustable weights can be attached to the wrist or held in hand. These devices can range anywhere from one to three pounds and can help the user get the best workout. That’s about enough weight to add resistance but not overloading joints and tendons.

More on the importance of strength training for elderly read below:

Stability Ball and Resistance Bands

Another helpful piece of exercise equipment for elderly people is a stability ball. The ball can be used to do several different workouts and is a great way to reduce the risk of falling. You can find a variety of sizes and styles online, and you can even hire a personal trainer to help you learn how to properly use it. The ball provides maximal comfort for the spine, back, and neck.

Seniors can do a variety of exercises on a stability ball, and some of them should definitely include resistance bands. This piece of equipment is lightweight, cheap, and super-efficient. It will help seniors achieve better shape and endurance because of the tension they create.

People over 70 shouldn’t neglect the importance of resistance training. Maybe their bodies are not young anymore, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be in good shape. They still need strong, flexible muscles for doing everyday activities and playing with their grandkids.

Elliptical Cross Trainer

An elliptical machine is a great piece of exercise equipment for elderly people. It mimics a natural walking or marching motion, so it’s recommended for people with no back or spine issues. They can be in a standing position for a while without feeling pain.

This cross trainer machine can be used to build up leg muscles and strengthen the arms. The adjustable leg stabilizers and large anti-slip platforms make it ideal for strength training for elderly people. The handlebars on the elliptical are easy to grab, allowing seniors to perform a variety of motions without any problems.

Low-Resistance Treadmill

Running and jogging are awesome aerobic activities, but they don’t offer much comfort for seniors. A treadmill is an excellent device, but it needs minor adjustments to suit the elderly. With regular models, the impact on the joints and knees is high. Here

Modern treadmills are low-impact and pressurized devices. They allow seniors to run, jog, or walk without hurting their joints, tendons, and ligaments. They are great exercise equipment for elderly people if they know to find a proper workout pace. They can use this equipment for light cardio heating up and strengthening the core, back, and leg muscles.

Rowing Machine

If you want your parents or grandparents to do a workout in the comfort of their own home, a rowing machine is the best choice. This exercise equipment is safe for the joints and is perfect for senior citizens of any age. Exercising on it can be both fun and effective. Plus, workout on a rowing machine is safe and hassle-free due to its ergonomic design.

A rowing machine is suitable for a low-impact workout. Seniors can use it for warming up and stretching and then setting up the proper pressure to start exercising. These exercises should activate major muscles in a smooth, high-calorie-burning motion. The elderly can shape and strengthen their legs, core, abs, and arms. On this page, you will find some handy tips on motivating seniors to work out.

Working out is an important part of daily routine. Health experts recommend that older adults engage in moderate amounts of exercise to stay fit. It will help them maintain their independence and lower their chances of getting sick, lonely, and anxious. And with the right equipment, your beloved seniors will truly enjoy being active.