Adenoid glands are a part of the immune system as they stop the germs in the nasal cavity before they cause illness. As they fight off viruses and bacteria, these glands can become swollen. The condition is common in childhood when adenoids enlarge and cause breathing and sleeping issues. They may even feel sore when aggravated due to recurring infections. The doctor may initially recommend medication to treat the symptoms. But they may suggest surgical removal of adenoids if medications do not seem to work. Surgery may sound daunting for parents, but you must realize that it is essential. Here are some ways it can enhance the quality of life for your child.

Fewer throat infections

Enlarged adenoids can cause frequent throat infections with signs like sore throat and discomfort while swallowing. Repeated infections may not respond to antibiotic treatment eventually. Opting for surgery is a good idea as it reduces the recurrence of throat infections down the line. It means fewer days of missing school and reduced dependence on antibiotics and medications.

Reduces ear infections

Enlarged or infected adenoids put pressure on the Eustachian tube. The canal ventilates the middle ear and equalizes pressure therein. If it gets restricted, it fails to drain the middle ear, resulting in recurring ear infections. The condition is often painful and can even get traumatic for the child. Removal of adenoids clears the obstruction for good. The Eustachian tube performs properly, and it translates into fewer ear infections and better quality of life.

Resolves mouth breathing

Besides throat and ear infections, swollen adenoids can cause breathing issues for your child. The bigger challenge is getting restful sleep with a blocked nose. But after an adenoidectomy, the patient can breathe easier and sleep better. Your child will be a lot more comfortable, energetic, and attentive after getting adequate sleep. Not to mention, breathing through the nose ensures proper delivery of air to the lungs.

Improves vocal quality

Large adenoids can affect the voice of the child as the nasal passageway plays a significant role in producing the sound. When swollen glands block the nasal passages, the child speaks with a stuffy nose. It influences the tone, pitch, and articulation, which can eventually cause speech issues. Even worse, there is therapy to correct such speech problems because they are structural. Surgery is the only way to treat them.

Ensures oral health

If your child has swollen adenoids, bad breath can be a way of life for them. Infected glands act as a source of bacteria that affect oral health. Likewise, mouth breathing is another cause of bad breath. By opting for surgical removal of adenoids, you can eliminate the source of oral bacteria for good. It translates into better oral health and dental hygiene in the long run.

An adenoidectomy may sound like a big deal for parents. But the discomfort of the surgery is a small price, considering the lasting benefits it delivers. Beyond addressing the medical issues, the procedure enhances the quality of life for them.