CBD has boomed over the past few years with many discussing its benefits, and everything seems to be infused with CBD! It has become very mainstream with people and business adding CBD to their products from skincare to CBD oil drinks so that you can reap the benefits. But what exactly is CBD and why is it so popular? Here, we’ll give you a medical insight into all things CBD.

What is CBD

CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol which is a chemical found in the cannabis satvia plant. CBD is acquired from hemp that contains only a small amount of THC. CBD and THC have different effects on the brain. THC is the reason you get the ‘high’ when smoking weed. It has euphoric properties that binds with receptors in the brain to control pain, mood and other feelings. CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t cause you to feel high, but instead works with other elements in the body that are linked to feelings of well-being. This is the reason that CBD has become vastly popular over the past few years. It’s said to come with a host of medical benefits and can help with a range of disorders.

How Can CBD Be Taken

CBD comes in many different forms and depending on why you’re taking it and your preference will determine which form would be best suited to you. For example, if you’re treating a skin condition, try a CBD infused lotion. Or if you’re treating anxiety or other disorders, you could try CBD drinks, gummies, chocolate, vapes or more. Vapes help to get the CBD in your system quicker whereas any food or drink related products may take a while to take effect. You can even get CBD oil drops that you can add to your morning coffee or post workout protein shake. The way in which you take CBD is personal and different for everyone.

Benefits Of CBD

CBD is a popular alternative therapy for a range of conditions due to its pain reducing and calming effects. As it is an anti-inflammatory, CBD has been used to manage certain chronic pain disorders as well as inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis when applied topically. It’s also been used to effectively treat anxiety and depression as the CBD encourages your brains chemical receptors to respond to the serotonin that’s in your system and improve your mood. CBD is also a great relief from cancer treatment symptoms. It reduces the nausea and vomiting that cancer patients experience when being treated with chemotherapy. Other benefits of CBD include treatment for insomnia, help with addiction, management for epilepsy and much more.

Side Effects For CBD

Although there are more benefits that side effects when you take CBD, there are some that you should look out for. When taken by mouth, CBD can cause side effects such as dry mouth, low blood pressure, light headedness and drowsiness. It’s also been seen that people taking high doses of CBD may show abnormalities in any liver and blood tests, so you should always let your doctor know if you’re taking CBD.