So your Pap smear test is scheduled for the following week. It’s your first test, and you are pretty scared about the whole thing. Anxious to know more about the test, including how to prepare for it, you rummage the internet for answers. Unfortunately, you couldn’t do anything substantial enough to quell your worry or anxiety.

If this brief scenario describes the situation you find yourself in, you don’t need to worry. Pap smear test isn’t open-heart surgery, neither is it something you should be worried about. To ensure that you prepare adequately for your first Pap smear test, we have provided you with some insight into the process. But, before we proceed, what is a Pap smear test about?’

What is a Pap smear test?

A Pap smear test is a test that is conversant with the ladies. However, some ladies out there have zero prior knowledge of what this test is about. If you are one of such ladies, here is a terse explanation of what a Pap smear test is about.

A Pap smear test is designed to indicate the presence of cervical cancer in women. With this test, women can find out if there are certain abnormal changes in their cervical cells that may turn into cancer later.

Why is a Pap smear test carried out?

You hear a lot of people talk about the importance of a Pap smear test. Your doctor, mother, and even female colleagues at work recommend that you visit a hospital to conduct the test. Unaware of what this test is, you embark on a mission to figure out why the test is being carried out. Well, mission accomplished! Here is why this test is conducted.

A Pap smear test is carried out to determine alterations in cervical cells before they morph into cancer. If you have cancer, finding it in time prevents it from spreading, thus improving your chances of survival. However, if you don’t, finding cell changes early can help prevent you from getting cancer.

That said, what do you do before a Pap smear?

What do you do before a pap smear?

So your Pap smear test is by the corner. Great news! What do you do? If this is your first time, you might develop cold feet or feel anxious. While such is expected, we’ll advise that you pull yourself together.

Try to select a hospital close to you to conduct your first Pap smear test. Do you live in New York? If you do, Obgyn NYC or any other reliable clinic should be among your considerations. On the day of the test and during the procedure, try to relax. When you are calm, your vagina is also calm, making it easier for your doctor to take the cervical cell samples fast and smoothly.

Also, before your test, abstain from penetrative vaginal sex at least two days before the fixed date. During these two days, you should steer clear of any other intravaginal jellies, creams, or other meds (unless your doctor tells you otherwise). This is done to ensure that the abnormal cervical cells (if they exist) are intact for easy identification by your doctor.

NB: You should schedule your Pap smear test on a day when you don’t have menstrual bleeding to ensure that the results aren’t affected.


A Pap smear test is just like every test. It is not a surgery, neither is it a painful process. All it involves is taking samples, and that is all! Remember to stay calm before and during the procedure. Doing so will speed up the process and ensure that there are no mistakes.