For citizens of the USA, diabetes medication needs are pretty hard to fulfill due to extremely high prices set by the government. The costs can get to the level when people with diabetes cannot afford to get their medications and, as followed, have proper blood sugar control.

As followed, patients are looking for ways to get insulin products at cheaper costs by purchasing those at the goodwill stores (however, the quality of those medicines may be questionable) or searching for suppliers abroad. And most people decided to buy insulin in Canada, as it is more affordable there (it may be up to 90% cheaper than in America), and the delivery doesn’t take too much time. What is the reason of this situation? Why are medications cheaper in Canada?

In this article, we tried to explain this situation in more details.

Why is insulin from Canada cheaper?

If you expected a long list with numerous reasons that caused the following situation, we’d have to disappoint you. Skipping all unimportant nuances, there’s one main aspect – no control over mark-ups by retailers. The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board looks after the situation and makes sure medications may be bought by different patient categories so that Americans may use the benefit of life-saving prices for Canadian insulin too.

The United States, on the other hand, cannot regulate pharmaceutical pricing, so the same insulin brands may end up being 3-6 times more expensive than in Canada.

Is it legal to buy insulin medications from Canadian pharmacies?

Even though it is technically forbidden to purchase medications from Canadian pharmacists, there is still a loophole to get needed cheap insulin abroad.

Even though it is illegal to buy insulin wholesale, Canadian pharmacies can still send it to residents in the US directly for personal use. In this way, this forbidden action can be successfully done without any following problems with the law.

As prices in America are similarly high for everybody, many businesses in Canada started special programs for the US citizens to help them get insulin for diabetes management at affordable prices. According to the Health Canada statement made in 2004, if an individual has a valid prescription from a medical professional, it is allowed to order insulin and have it shipped from Canada. The delivery usually doesn’t take a lot of time, and people are able to receive all needed medication in the shortest time possible.

How to buy Canadian insulin online?

The first and the most important thing we would recommend to our readers is to find a reliable, well-trusted supplier of high blood sugar medication insulin. It is very easy to search for it online because Canadian pharmacists are aware of the price situation in American and are ready to help people out.

Websites like offers various insulin brands that differ in their type, form of release, dose, and other important factors. Please mind that prescriptions are always required when buying online; that’s why, most likely, the registration process will be obligatory.

One person may order up to 3 months of insulin supply maximum because, even though insulin shipment to the USA is allowed, there are still limitations considering the number of purchased medicines. In most online pharmacies, a friendly support team is present, so even newcomers can easily place the first order with its help.

The bottom line

Canadian insulin is more affordable for Americans even if you’d add shipment cost to the overall price. That’s why for many years, people have been buying medications abroad and not in their own country, where the average price of insulin injection may be up to 6 times more expensive than in Canada.

This process is legal and can be easily performed by anyone. The main thing is to look through all important details before making a purchase. Hopefully, this article was helpful, and now you can understand this situation much better. Thank you for reading!