Exercise is not just for weight loss. Regular exercise is essential for overall good health. However, if you are looking to lose weight then you should focus your energy on the kind of workouts that are going to help you achieve this. 

Squats are great fat burners 

The squat is a great workout move for people of any fitness level. The traditional squat works by using your body as a weight toll but you can increase the intensity by adding external weight with a kettlebell or these 5kg dumbbells for beginners. They help to work your abdomen, glutes, and legs whilst also boosting your metabolism.  

Planks give you energy 

Planks are a simple exercise for beginners and are great because they work out your whole body. By doing this exercise you are working out all your muscles at once which means you are burning more calories and fat than with other exercises. This muscle development also helps to improve your overall fitness level which will make working out easier. 

Crunches can help with belly fat 

Crunches use your body weight to burn calories and achieve fat loss. They strengthen your abdominal muscles and work your waist area to help tone your stomach. You do it anywhere at any time and may be preferable to going on a run. You should be careful when doing crunches as you can give yourself a back injury by doing it incorrectly. Check out this YouTube video for how to do it correctly.  

Jogging burns calories and fat 

Jogging is the best type of exercise for almost anyone as it increases your heart rate and keeps your whole body moving. It burns calories as well as improving your overall health. You might want to start out with a brief jog and gradually build up to longer runs and try pushing yourself more and more. It is important to wear the correct shoes when running to prevent injury. 

You could also try interval training and alternate between walking and running, really pushing yourself to run in those short bursts. 

Dance like nobody’s watching! 

Dancing is actually a great cardio workout. You may notice that when you are dancing around the house you quickly get out of breath or after a night out dancing you have sore muscles the next day. Dancing is a fun workout, and it doesn’t really matter how you do it, just get your body moving and put some enthusiasm into it. 

Old school aerobics and step-ups 

Cardio is arguably the best way to burn fat and lose weight, and aerobics is an amazing cardio workout. You do not have to work out for long, it is most effective to practise a few minutes every day and can easily find routines online for any skill type. Some aerobic workouts incorporate step-ups, or you can throw in a step yourself to increase the intensity. If you do not want to buy a specialised step, then you can just use the last step on your staircase at home.