Choosing the right wheelchair for your needs can be a difficult decision. There are many different types of wheelchairs to choose from, and not all of them are created equal. In this article we will go over the differences between hospital and regular wheelchairs and what you should look for to find the best fit for you or your loved one.

Today, many are choosing to receive care at home. This means that they will often be using a wheelchair for mobility instead of crutches or other devices. In many cases it is important to stay as mobile as possible but hospital wheelchairs are a great asset for those who require that extra bit of support. When getting out in the world with your new wheels it is also good to know exactly what you have purchased and how it should perform.

What is the point of a hospital wheelchair?

Hospital wheelchairs are designed to be more durable than regular wheelchairs. They have stronger frames and heavier weight capacity. The back is also reclined further which makes it easier for someone with lower body injuries or paralysis the ability to sit up straight without straining their neck or spine. This can help with breathing issues and can also make eating and taking medications easier. 

Those with mobility issues will find the footrest on hospital wheelchairs much more accessible than a regular wheelchair, they also tend to have a wider wheelbase making turning easier and transfers in and out of vehicles or other settings that much simpler.

The benefits of a hospital wheelchair

It’s important when choosing between hospital and regular wheelchairs that you know exactly what your needs are before making a purchase. If you or someone in your care has a history of respiratory issues or paralysis, then hospital wheelchairs are the best choice.

The decision between hospital and regular wheelchair is one that should not be taken lightly as it will determine whether or not your mobility is limited. There are many factors to take into consideration, but you should always choose the best option for your lifestyle and needs in order to remain as independent as possible.

Is it worth investing in a hospital wheelchair?

Many hospitals and medical facilities offer their patients the option to use a hospital wheelchair as they have considerably better benefits than regular wheelchairs. If you are still not convinced that hospital wheelchairs are a good investment, here are some additional functional benefits:

  • They increase independence and reduce reliance on other people.
  • Hospital wheelchairs can be custom fitted for different body sizes and abilities, which is ideal for seniors or children who may need specialized features to help them get around safely.
  • Many are lightweight and easy to fold up and take with you and can also be stored in small spaces when not needed.
  • They help reduce muscle strain and fatigue that comes from using walkers.

Do I need a hospital wheelchair?

Hospitals and medical facilities typically provide patients who may not be able to walk well on their own with an option for a hospital wheelchair. These wheelchairs are typically offered to patients who are unable to walk or need assistance getting around, including those that are recovering from accidents or injuries to the back and legs.

If you are in a hospital for an extended amount of time, it can be frustrating and difficult feeling like you’re stuck in bed all day long. A hospital wheelchair offers another option for getting around. It can reduce frustration, help patients get some exercise and fresh air, and boost morale by helping them feel more independent.

Final Thoughts

Hospital wheelchairs and regular wheelchairs both have their strengths and weaknesses. But, if you are in the hospital for any length of time or need to be transferred from one place to another with a wheelchair, it is likely worth investing in a more expensive chair that will provide stability so as not to strain or re-injure yourself. 

Do your research before buying either type of wheelchair for home use. Consider how much room there is where you plan on storing the chair, what kind of terrain you might encounter outside of your home (flat surfaces vs hills) and most importantly, what works best for you!

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