Dental woes are common, and Canadians can expect to encounter one more often than they imagine. Most times, you tend to overlook minor issues because you think they will resolve themselves. Apprehension, time for treatment, and expense are other reasons you may skimp on a dental clinic visit. But even the smallest issue can aggravate and cause major trouble if ignored. It makes sense to check with the dentist at the earliest sign as you prevent pain and expense with timely treatment. Here are some common dental issues you should never overlook.  

Changes in your gums 

Swollen gums or color changes could be the warning symptom of serious disease. Other signs to watch out for are receding gums and the appearance of new spaces between your teeth. These symptoms could indicate gum diseases such as periodontitis, gingivitis, and other periodontal diseases. An early diagnosis and treatment are crucial. A monthly self-examination at home gives you a fair idea about these changes, so be vigilant and act early.   

Sensitivity to hot and cold foods 

Millions of Canadians struggle with sensitivity to hot and cold foods. To make things worse, they suffer in silence and live with the problem. But the problem could aggravate sooner than you imagine as it is often an early sign of tooth decay. Tooth decay eats through the enamel, reaches the nerves inside your tooth, and causes sensitivity. Check with a dentist to get a filling or root canal treatment. 

Pain in your teeth  

Persistent pain in your teeth is another sign you need to visit your dentist sooner rather than later. You must do it even if the pain subsides after taking a painkiller because there could be an underlying issue. A seasoned Edmonton Dentist can identify the exact reason for pain. It could be decay or infection, or even something serious like oral cancer. Timely detection can save you from complications, so make sure you start with treatment as soon as possible.   

White spots on the teeth 

The appearance of white spots on your teeth is also an early warning sign of decay. You can notice them earlier than other noticeable decay symptoms such as pain and swelling. A visit to the dental clinic is a good idea because the dentist can detect the problem with X-rays and fix it before it becomes more severe. Regular dentist visits also help because you may miss out on these white spots at home. 

Dry mouth  

Dry mouth is a common concern, but people tend to ignore it because they do not associate it with dental issues. But the condition increases the probability of decay and oral infections if left unchecked. Moreover, it may indicate a more serious underlying condition such as diabetes or an autoimmune disorder. It makes sense to get a dental check-up as the dentist will treat oral troubles and refer you to a specialist for treating the underlying problem. 

Dental trouble starts small, but they can get much bigger if you overlook them. It is vital to pick the early signs and get treatment at the earliest. Never ignore these symptoms as they may lead to painful problems and expensive treatments.